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Sonja: I Knew Ramona Was Acting Out

Sonja claims she could sense was going through something -- and once again attempts to set the record straight on her finances.

First off, I must say my sheer, long cover-up at Ramona's cocktail party is Kay Unger. I got so many emails and so many people asking about it!

Also, before I get into my actual commentary on this episode, I just want to say that in general I see a lady who is happier then ever and her name is Sonja!

I'm staying in a gorgeous home in the Hamptons lent to me by my friends at Nest Seekers International real estate brokerage because I sent them referrals previously and never asked for anything in return. In fact, I just gave Luis Ortiz on Million Dollar Listing New York my $18 million dollar listing, which I understand he's about to close on.

I'm dating a sophisticated 23-year-old stunner, who I'm jet setting all over with and who can keep up and who is romancing me in five-star restaurants and hotels. My daughter's thriving at school!

Since my divorce and lack of settlement, I have managed to financially and emotionally provide her stability as a single working mother. I'm filming five months out of the year, doing personal appearances, press, and developing my fashion lifestyle brand. I'm still being hired for my comedic, sing-song skits and am doing one right now with a Saturday Night Live comedian for a major fashion designer.

Sonja In The City just threw a phenomenal Season 6 premiere party at Tokya, attended by multiple celebrities, press and Ramona co-hosted it with me. I continue to throw Sonja In The City events and continue to support the same charities I have been behind for decades. All the while, I continue to feed my creative energy, by surrounding myself with artists and other creatively inspired people who are like-minded and who want to support children, animals, the LGBT, and other artists.

My house is not crumbling and there's no bank selling it. There never has been a bank. It's not for rent. Heather and Ramona know very well that I went to France to sell my house there and I had a pending appeal on LA at the time.

I had a very strong intuition that Ramona was going through something at the time that was making her act out and say these hurtful things about me while not in my presence and with people I'm not as close to as her -- about things she knows very well aren't true and things she's not an expert on.


We all go through our moments, and clearly Ramona was confused and acting from fear. I'm very grateful for all that support from Team Sonja and those who have been with me during this tough time. It hasn't all been a bed of roses -- as you all know from watching and holding my hand through the whole process. I've had to learn to let people help me. I've always been the one helping, hosting, and entertaining and being the "hostess with the mostess."

So I'm going to be understanding about what Ramona's going through and be there for her as she's been there for me. Tune in next week to see as the stomach turns.

Episode 7 Interns' 3 favorite looks
(Oops, forgot to post this last week. That's why we are interns. We are learning to be consistent):
1. Sonja's Kay Unger long sheer cover up over Verano High silver bikini at Ramona's pool party
2. Kristen's white lace Dolce Vita shirt, high waisted Current Elliot jeans, and J. Crew ballet flats for the Aviva confrontation
3. Sonja's Herve Leger black dress with gold tube accents and Alexander McQueen black suede pumps with skull shoes for the beach

Sorry ladies, looks like Sonja got two looks last week. We didn't have much to work with with the beach outfits and tennis clothes. And we are a bit biased since we help dress her while learning to be stylists.

Episode 8 Interns' 3 favorite looks:
1. Countess LuAnn Collection dress at the designer house showroom in the Hamptons
2. Carole's vintage paisley top and jeans
3. Sonja's Verano High white bathing suit she shows off to Harry in her Nest Seeker International Realty beach house in the Hamptons.


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