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Sonja is the Switzerland of #BookGate

Sonja can see both sides of this book battle, and has an important question: doesn't everyone Sharpie their bags?

Carole meets Aviva to talk booksoup and oh my, here goes Aviva again with the awkward, nervous comments. I almost died when she took out the eye glasses. I know she wanted to compliment Carole by buying the same glasses as her, but we saw Carole's reaction last year when LuAnn mimicked her style in London. Carole said, "The bitch stole my look!" She didn't take it as flattery, and now her book. LOL. She says the best flattery is flattery! I am definitely going to use that line. I have stolen other lines of Carole's so why not? I'm also guilty of copying her!

Carole's a professional writer and says that's all she has. We know she is much more than a writer, she is one cool cat. But for Carole, her books are a major part of her identity. It's not something she does on the side. It's her THING.


Aviva writes her memoir as a way to help others with their pain and to get over her own. I know when I perform my sing-song, self-depreciating comic skits and share my bargain fashion tips, I do it to help others and to liberate myself. I understand where Aviva is coming from, and I also understand where Carole is coming from. This is not registering with Carole and she does not congratulate Aviva for her accomplishment because she feels her unique talents are slighted. On another note what they should really be fighting about are those lips: whose are better? If I thought I could get a pair like that I would get them done!

Last year, Aviva said Ramona had an alcohol problem. Yet, each one of their encounters has taken place over a glass of wine. First the tequila shots, and now Aviva really knows how to break the ice. She choses to meet at a liquor store to buy more alcohol! We can see that she definitely wants to get on Ramona's good side when she calls her an expert in wine. I have to admit she can be charming when she wants to.

I really have to commend Heather for her contributions to organ donation and her dedication to helping save all those children's lives. Jax is so cute and such a gift. I reached out and got her involved with the Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center through the The Intimate Apparel Square Club (IASC), which dedicates its fundraising to support pediatric rehabilitation services at Rusk as well as programs at Tisch Hospital and the NYU Henry and Lucy Moses Center for Students with Disabilities. She donated her valuable time, as I have, to support kids in rehab who are recovering from burns and other debilitating injuries. I really appreciate and respect her support for children.

One thing I like about Harry and Aviva is that they are on the same page on parenting. That's why it's so important to me that they continue to get along even though they went through a tough divorce at one point. Kids always come first in my book and Harry's son with Aviva, Harrison, is such a great kid. I've known Harry for almost 30 years. We dated decades ago, so he's trying to rekindle our romance. Aviva seems surprised by this, but is 100 percent behind this. It's really the best for all of us if Harry and I settle down. However, I'm committed to Ben right now. By the way, I sent Harry home right after. . .to be continued. I know, I know. . .I looked provocative.


I feel like Kristen could use some Sonja Style to spice things up, so I'm taking her under my wing: first lingerie shopping and now spray tanning. She seems to be at a loggerhead in her marriage, a bit fed up with the tiring side of motherhood and at a momentary standstill in her career. I just want to help her over that speed bump. Like I said in my last blog, I hate for moms to give up their power to marriage and momhood. She has some spunk even though I make the Stepford Wives jokes.

First, we heard from Aviva that her publisher said Carole's book needed eight months and that it came from a ghostwriter. Now we see Aviva come into the salon with Heather, who suddenly knows everything about Aviva's book and the industry. It's amazing how these girls all seem to know about each other's books and who wrote them.

I still stand with what I said. If Carole says no co-writer, there's no co-writer. If there is a ghostwriter, that's her business. She should be happy that Aviva has a publisher and was able to write a memoir where shares her experience and guides other people through their pain. After all, Aviva has definitely been through a lot of pain. Aviva is voicing how denigrated she felt towards Carole's reaction to the fact that she wrote the book. I someone who helped Aviva write her book, though I don't remember her name or if she was an editor, a cowriter or a publisher. She does admit to having help of some sort. I'm confused about all this, are you?


One thing Ramona is right about when they go to the liquor store is that the thing people notice when they walk into the store are the first cases stacked up. That is prime real estate in Manhattan! That is definitely where you wanna be. Move over, here comes the Ramona Pinot power!

When Aviva and Heather are getting pedicures and Aviva says to the lady very nonchalantly, "I'll take a one-foot massage." I laughed my ass off because it's obvious she only wants one-foot massage. Is she saying that because she wants half the price? Because I would ask for that as well! I don't want to pay for both feet if I'm only getting one massaged. I love that about Aviva. She can be so fresh and honest about what happened to her. My mom always said if you don't laugh you cry. I prefer to laugh when I can -- especially at my own pain.

Doesn't everyone Sharpie their bags? I thought they did! My daughter made a joke that you can fix and do everything with a Sharpie: bags, eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, autographs, beauty marks and even the wrinkles on your ass. And, yes, I always use a bottle brush to clean those hard to get to places in the toilet. My toilets are French and fussy (in case you caught that in the Preview)!


At my age, I have all kinds of tips to share. Just ask!

I love Scalinatella restaurant on the East Side of Manhattan. I've been going there since they first opened. It's a top restaurant that I used to bring my international power set when I was a luxury brand, restaurant, and hotel consultant. I started building my brand when I was 12 years old. I first started as a beauty pageant contestant, and later became an international model and actress, student at a fashion school in marketing, luxury brand consultant, restaurateur, producer, writer, performer, movie producer, and now an international entrepreneurial fashion lifestyle brand. When Harry says, "Just do one of these things," he doesn't understand that the brand I’m building is not something you just casually take and tack onto any one product. It must be launched properly and in synergy with the entire brand ID.

What I really need is an investor who is big enough to take it global. After all, you can't put Sonja in a toaster oven box. My brand and I are timeless without a shelf life. Classic, and fashionable, yet unabashably me! Like Chanel Number 5. There’s no rush to grab the brass ring!

Thanks for watching and I will catch you next week.


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