Ramona Singer: I Will Never Defend Who I Choose To Be Friends With

Ramona Singer: I Will Never Defend Who I Choose To Be Friends With

Ramona discusses the ebb and flow of friendships, how she admires Bethenny's strength and her new role in the crew as the mediator.

Jules' Pizza Has a Surprise

Vaginas, VJJ and more...

It's funny, coming from a family of three sisters, I don’t think we ever talked about vaginas as much as we did this episode! Not that I am shy or reserved but watching and listening and looking at pictures, (thank you Jules), it was kind of a girls club! Glad you're all better!

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Bethenny Feels Alone

Firstly, while watching tonight and seeing the pain again that Bethenny was going through really brought me to tears. Any surgery is so scary and although a lot of women do go through it, when it's happening directly to you, it never feels the same! But I must say through it all Bethenny still remained strong and handled things face on. I really respect that quality in her.

Friends, friendships, girls: We are a breed of our own. Friendships have ebbs and flows, and I do think that throughout this season you really see a lot more of that. So although people may read it as who is doing what to who, I see it so differently. I see that we all grow; we all get to know each other in different ways. Our interests may change; our lives may change. That’s when other relationships become stronger or weaker. I will never defend who I choose to be friends with. I know what I like and need in a friendship. I know what I am capable of giving back. So whether it's Dorinda being an amazing friend to Jules or myself or Bethenny and Carole growing closer during this season, no one ever has a reason to judge.

So any advice I chose to give Luann, whether I agreed with the way she handled it (which I don’t always), was just simple advice.

At this point in our lives I do believe that we should all try to get along better and respect each other. Because it’s the respect that counts in the long run.

Deep down we all are sensitive and all have our soft spots. I guess that is why I have chosen to really try to be the mediator, try to bring everyone together...Only time will tell.

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