Carole Radziwill: We Are All Very, Very Popular

Carole Radziwill: We Are All Very, Very Popular

Carole hints at the craziness Season 9 of RHONY has in store.

Here's What the Housewives Can Tell You About Season 9
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We're back. Admit it, you missed us. And now every Wednesday at 9pm (if you like to watch live, and I suggest you do) you can enjoy the laughter, tears, calamity, infamy, eavesdropping, backstabbing, hearsay, and misadventures of my crazy dysfunctional television family. I say television because, like you, I have a biologically real family, with sisters and brothers that you don’t always see (although this season my mom makes a star-turning guest appearance!). I say dysfunctional because well…

You all know what I'm talking about….the bossy older sister, the meddling younger one, the nutty aunt and that cousin from Jersey you are forced to see at holidays, weddings, and funerals. The one who drinks too much, talks too close, and wears sequins to Church. The ones you love, the ones you loath, and then the ones you simply put up with because you inexplicably share the same DNA.

They are all here in this mash-up of friends, lovers, husbands, boyfriends, and exes, an unholy yet thoroughly entertaining alliance of humanity, which has proven to be one of the longest-lasting, most successful reality television programs in history. Enjoy!


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