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Ramona Singer's Nutritionist Says She "Feels 1000 Times Better" with New Diet

The Real Housewives of New York City cast member has adopted a new wellness plan amid her battle with Lyme disease — and according to her nutritionist, it's already working. 

By Abby Feiner
Ramona Singer Lyme Disease Diet

Just a few days after receiving her Lyme disease diagnosis, Ramona Singer is already beginning to feel like herself again. “Four days in, I got a message from her saying that her energy is so much better,” Dr. Daryl Gioffre, Ramona's nutritionist and author of Get Off Your Acid, told exclusively. “She feels, like, one thousand times better.”

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While Dr. Gioffre, an anti-inflammation expert, has a specific protocol in place for The Real Housewives of New York City cast member, he ultimately credits the speedy turnaround to Ramona’s dedication to making improvements to her already healthy routine. “Ramona is all in. The things we talked about, boom, she did them 100 percent,” he said. “She’s unstoppable.” 

As part of her new routine, Ramona is now taking omega-3 fatty acids (known as fish oil) and black seed oil, both of which, Dr. Gioffre explained, lower inflammation and optimize brain function. Additionally, she takes vitamin D3, “the miracle nutrient for your immune system,” he said. Ramona will also continue regular Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency sessions. “It’s a mat that Ramona will lie on,” he explained. “We do this with Dorinda [Medley], who referred her, as well. One eight-minute session on this mat will lower the inflammation in the body by 50 percent.”

Dr. Gioffre recommended that Ramona start each day with the Alkamind Daily Greens  powder. “It’s a scoop of greens that you add to water,” he said. “It just really helps the whole body decrease the inflammation.” Just before bed, she'll take Alkamind Daily Minerals, neutralizing the acidity and the toxins in the body.

For Ramona, fighting Lyme disease also means making important changes her to her daily diet. “The whole goal of what I’m doing with Ramona is to build immunity,” Dr. Gioffre explained. “When your body gets attacked by something like Lyme, it has to work so much harder. When you look at the high-alkaline diet, it’s about increasing the foods that boost immunity and decreasing the foods that are going to affect immunity in a bad way.”

To start, he encourages her to make healthy swaps whenever possible. “Oatmeal is something Ramona likes a lot of. It’s not about saying you need to eliminate it, but [thinking,] when can we add in better swaps?” he said. “For example, like a chia pudding or quinoa bowls. Instead of dairy, having things like nut milk. It’s really about identifying foods within the standard American diet that most of us think are actually healthy, but are actually increasing inflammation within the body.”

For all meals, Dr. Gioffre emphasizes getting more healthy greens into the body in the form of salad, green juices, and smoothies, as well as healthy fats such as avocados, macadamia nuts, walnuts (which he says are great for brain health), almonds, and healthy oils. 

An ideal dinner, meanwhile, follows a simple formula that offers a wide range of options: “Mostly greens and healthy fat, moderate protein, and then a small amount of fiber-rich, slow-burning carbs.” This could take on the form of a colorful salad, a small piece of chicken, a wild-caught fish source of omega-3 such as salmon, trout, anchovy, or sardines, and a small amount of quinoa, sweet potato, or squash. 

For the moment, Dr. Gioffre, who also counts Kelly Dodd and Luann de Lesseps as clients, is working with Ramona on eating three meals per day. “When you eat just a breakfast, a lunch, and a dinner with no snacking in between, your body starts to burn less sugar as fuel," he said. "That’s the goal because sugar is the most inflammatory substance you can put into your body." Eventually, he will encourage her to eventually work toward an intermittent fasting plan, something he calls “the most powerful thing we can do for the health of the body.”

As Ramona is already seeing remarkable improvement (she wrote in a March 10 Instagram post that she was "feeling better than ever," a far cry from the "ordered bed rest" she shared she was on just weeks prior), Dr. Gioffre is excited to see the ways her health can improve even more. "Her approach is very positive. She’s like 'Let’s do this thing!'" he said. "I know she’s going to keep on getting great results, we just have to keep at it."

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