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6 Surprising Secrets Revealed in the #RHOC Season 8 Uncensored Special

Everything you need to know about one of The Real Housewives of Orange County's most unforgettable seasons.

By Crystal Puccio
Vicki Recalls Her Infamous Moment on the Mountaintop

Bravo has brought you epic Uncensored specials for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season one and Vanderpump Rules season one and last night we traveled south to Orange County and took a close look at season 8 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Here are 6 of the juiciest secrets revealed:

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1. Vicki Infamous Mountaintop Moment

Who can forget one of Vicki Gunvalson's most memorable moments -- on top of a mountain in Whistler? It was when she found out about the rumors accusing her of having "multiple partners". She was so enraged she grabbed Executive Producer Kevin Lee, threw him against a wall, and said "this better not be aired because it's not true". She went on to argue that "if anyone can make any accusation they want, I can call you a monkey f***er. You’re a monkey f***er Kevin Lee." Fortunately Kevin was able to convince Vicki to stick around and tell her side of the story.

2. Housewives Rules

Executive Producer Alex Baskin revealed that "the Housewives create their own rules about how to behave on camera" -- they live by guidelines like never eating on camera, that it's important it is to be real friends with the 'Wives you film with, and maybe Tamra Judge's most important rule to date, a note for all new 'Wives: "don’t you ever stand in front of me in front of the camera."

3. Los Strippers Mexicanos

Los Strippers Mexicanos

During Tamra's bachelorette party in Mexico, things got a little too wild for Heather Dubrow causing her to run away from Mexican strippers that were hired for the evening's festivities. Heather got freaked out, ran behind the cameras, and stood behind a producer, threatening to sue if the strippers got too close.

4. Andale to Andale's

Gotta Get to Andales!

Producers reveal that Vicki was clearly annoyed that Gretchen Rossi planned Tamra's bachelorette party, so after a low-key and uneventful dinner, Vicki grabbed Tamra and Lydia McLaughlin in search of Andale's. The producers told Vicki she wasn't allowed to go because they didn't have permits and didn't exactly know where it was, but that didn't matter to the OG because as Andy Cohen reveals in the episode, "You cannot be within 10 miles of Andale's and expect Vicki not to go."

5. The Reluctant Housewife

We learn that Terry Dubrow wanted to be on the show more than Heather, so much so that he forged her signature on her #RHOC contract! 

6. Gretchen's Big Proposal

Gretchen Rossi's Big Proposal

It's revealed in the episode that some believed that Gretchen and Slade were often working an angle where everything was planned. So when Gretchen proposed to Slade, "it just seemed like the proposal was all tied into the show," Andy Cohen shared. Gretchen countered that and argued back saying she "wasn’t going to do something for TV, wasn't going to do something just to make money". However when the proposal actually went down none of the other 'Wives were invited to the engagement party, which made the 'Wives question the authenticity of her actions. Gretchen claims none of the 'Wives were invited because the producers told her she wasn't allowed to invite them, but the producers say that's completely false.

Bonus! Watch the #RHOC 'Wives and producers do "The Lydia Dance".

The Lydia Dance
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