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You Want to Know What Really Went Down?

Kimberly Bryant shares the juicy details that the Coto cameras missed.

By Kimberly Bryant

The crew had a lengthy debate (about 47 seconds) as to whether they should cancel the Bryant's surfing with the boy scouts because so many crew members were needed to shoot Lauri and Lorilei at the beach. When Travis is a grown man, I hope he chooses to see sexy beach poses over wet-suited kids, too. You don't see the crew anxiously awaiting the phone call to see if Laurie could get them into the Playboy Party. At dinner, Don was so excited to make plans for he and Vicki's extra time together due to the upcoming empty nest. The camera missed his disappointment when he realized Vicki was still mourning the impending loss of time with Micheal and Brianna. They don't show her concern that they might not need her anymore. The entire crew weighed in on Shane's course selection. They ate a lot of meals with the Keoghs. They found something comforting about the honesty of the Keoghs bickering and genuine love for each other. That and they were also hoping Jeana would adopt them.

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The camera missed our favorite sound guy's puzzled face when Kara spent so much money on tops for school. Carrying sound equipment is a sweaty job, so he usually had on a tattered, comfortable T-shirt. (He also has traveled to some very cool places with the $'s he's saved wearing tattered T-shirts.) The truth is: When you are on a reality show, regardless of whether you or your housekeeper does the laundry, the noisy machines disturb the shoot. The laundry piles up, you need more clothes. The cameras also missed the struggle in Jeana's heart to balance the absence of a traveling husband with giving her kids enough.

You don't see the face of Les Smiley, Slade's father, when he heard the elaborate, convoluted plans as to when and where to park his motor home. Coto has some fairly rigid guidelines that are foreign to someone from a gorgeous, roomy state like Alaska. His face was even more incredulous when the crew was discussing their favorite nighttime addiction: Being Bobby Brown

They miss the lesson Jo gave the rest of us as to how to place the gizmo to our sound mikes so our tushes would look like J.Lo's instead of someone recovering from back surgery. She achieves this perfectly in the sandwich, dog rescue, cheese throwing kitchen scene.

You don't see Scott coming home from work with a Nordstrom bag full of socks and underwear because he can't figure out what is going on with the laundry. I love a man who can problem solve about the little things without any discussion.

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