Kimberly Bryant

Kimberly Bryant is a housewife in the traditional sense of the word. She and her husband Scott, an executive with a Fortune 200 company, agreed early on that Kimberly would focus on their children, 13-year-old Bianca and 7-year-old Travis. This means much of Kimberly's time is spent shuttling the kids between their myriad of activities, which includes tennis, golf, swimming and hula lessons. Kimberly herself is a fitness fanatic, devoting several hours a week mountain biking, taking Pilates classes and surfing. Down-to-earth and direct, Kimberly will be the first person to talk about the common -- but usually unspoken -- topic of plastic surgery. So far she's had just one procedure (for breast enlargement), but will it be her only one? After all, this self-proclaimed trophy wife is dealing with the issues of maturity that many women can relate to, and often dread. It was after moving to their exclusive community when Scott turned to Kimberly to request she get breast surgery, after noticing that many of the community's women were quite well-endowed. Unshaken by this request, the upbeat Kimberly was delighted to become a trophy wife for her husband. Kimberly does embody the quintessential Orange County soccer mom stereotype, but this devoted wife and mother is also hard working, smart, articulate, and shares some of the same hopes and fears of many American women. She also runs a TV-free home, and only feeds her family organic foods.