The Men Have Taken Over

The Men Have Taken Over

With Colton, Shane, and Matt home, Jeana Keough has a full house.


A lot has changed since the first season of Real Housewives. The biggest change is Shane being home. After being injured in the Jucco World Series he was sent home from camp to drive us all crazy for three months of "no exercise." This is a high energy, can't stop moving teenager, not allowed to run, play basketball, lift weights, or do really much of anything. It was the hardest three months ever. The house is full of men. After a heartbreaking run for the playoffs, Matt's season had ended. Shane had friends here, Kara has friends, there's Colton's posse. And now that Colton and Shane wear the same size (not to mention Colton's having turned Shane's room into a mini-suite) — there seems to be a lot of competition for just about everything.

I am happy now that Shane goes back to Arizona in a month, Matt heads out in February, and Kara is applying to UCLA and USC. Colton, Shane and Dad start today (always in early January) to get in shape for baseball. November and December, you give your body a complete rest. Matt has been riding his bile 10 miles a day and he is in amazing shape, still wears his high school size. My boys are very into clothes, but their Dad isn't. He is very conservative. Shane coming home with earrings sent Dad into orbit ... but he does look good in them.

It's great to watch the relationship between Kara and Colton. They have a special bond. Colton totally spoils her, he backs her car out for her if it's in a tricky spot, he warms it up when he rides to school with her. He loves to make breakfast and he is the go-to guy for anything misplaced. He and Lupe have a special relationship and he knows were she puts things. Sometimes in the most unusual places, like mail next to the wineglasses. Kara is his good luck charm for games and she conspires with his girlfriend to find unique ways to ask him to dances. Most recently Colton and his BF Jacob came home from winning a basketball game to find his bedroom transformed with balloons and posters asking them to the winter formal. It is the first tuxedo event for the boys and they are excited to be going with Kim and Charlotte. She helps him with his teenage skin issues and he is now a Pro-Activ fan. Colton will someday be a leader of something — he is unflappable. When we had the fire in Coto 200 feet from the house, he directed everyone to load the dogs in Lupe's truck and they sat out the fire at one of my empty listings atop a waterslide. He, of course, wanted to drive all of our cars to a safe location, but I declined the offer.

We got the opportunity to hang out with Andy Cohen this week in Los Angeles. In fact, there were some amazing "Bravo Heads of State" in town for the Television Critics Association Press Tour. Even Lauren Zalaznick, the Bravo President, had her picture taken with us and I was thrilled. Jaclyn Smith was there as well, promoting Shear Genius — she is still the most beautiful woman in the world. She and I had a nice talk about her children and her pediatric heart surgeon husband who should be on TV himself. He is so distinguished looking.

Sharing a room with Vicki and Tammy was fun. Tammy forgot her shoes, toothbrush and PJ's — not sure what she remembered to bring but her mind was definitely not on packing. But she needn't have worried, Vicki and I brought everything we owned and could have dressed everyone at the convention. We really felt like movie stars and it was a magical two days for us.

And in case anyone is wondering — no, Mo has not been sold on eBay. But his days are not long for this house. He just likes to bark a little too much.


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