Music, Gavin, and My Birthday

Music, Gavin, and My Birthday

Jo De La Rosa talks about her music career, her favorite birthday, and her ex.


Gavin and I play music together a lot. We compose. He usually comes up with the melody and I come up with the lyrics. And then we collaboratively come up with it. It's cool. It depends on where it comes from first. Sometimes he brings me a melody and I'm inspired, sometimes I figure stuff out and bring it to him. We play well off of each other.


I don't sing professionally. I've never taken a professional voice class, and I'm still a little self-conscious about the whole thing. I believe that a true artist should be trained, and I'm really raw. I've been around music all of my life. My father was a singer. I was brought up with music around the house.

I learned acoustic guitar when I was little. My aunt is a singer in France. She's actually quite well known. And pretty much all the time, but I remember mainly Christmastime and New Year's -- there always being a TON of music around the house. Bongos and guitars and people singing. My dad would play at Italian restaurants on the weekends. I'd come see him play and he'd put get me to sing. It was nice. So, in some ways, I've been performing all my life.


In this episode, there's my yearly tradition of the girls night out. But the best birthday I've ever had has to be when I turned 25. Slade took me on a cruise to Europe. I had never seen Europe before. I got to celebrate my 25th birthday in Monte Carlo, which was amazing. Of course, the girls threw me a party before I left, but it was nice.


In this episode, Slade sits down next to a pretty girl. And you know, it's definitely hard to watch him with other women, because I love him and stuff. It's hard. Eh. That's pretty much all for this week. Thanks for watching everyone.

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