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Keepin' It Real Estate

Jeana Keough reflects on working with Vicki and how Kara's adjusting to college life.

By Jeana Keough

Vicki was a very demanding client but she demands a lot of herself and expects it of others. I had no problem with Vicki — the editing made it appear more then it was. The house was never empty. When Frankie moved to LA to audition for a pilot for a reality show about design we had several other people wanting to move in. The house is leased now to a family that will end up purchasing in the spring or early summer if Vicki decides to sell it. It is a great lot with a wonderful floor plan and view with dual masters. I could see myself living there. I love the work Vicki and Frankie put into it — you feel like you are in Europe!

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I would definitely work with Vicki again. She can make a decision quickly, does her research, and has excellent taste. She has many rental properties and understands the location, view, and price concepts of buying real estate. Besides, she is a close friend and we love house hunting together! I always mix business and pleasure — most of my clients become friends anyway.

As for helping Matt with the purchase of a home, Matthew and I have been together for 20 some years — it is never weird to be around him. He has great vision for real estate and the location of the sun on the house and the area being developed around it. He was one of the first 100 families to live in Coto. He discovered this place in high school when they came out here for prom and shooting at the hunt club. He owned three houses before he was 30 and he made his first million before he was 19. He believed in real estate and, of course, I still trust and value his opinion.


It was great fun seeing Kimberly again. We always go for a few dinners and shopping excursions when she is in town. She hadn't met a lot of new friends yet it so she was really enjoying her girl time. She and the family love Chicago, but it has been too cold too get out to see the neighbors in the yard back there! Kara and I are taking a road trip to Berkeley. We have had some arguments about shopping for school things, I wanted her to shop form her room, she wants to leave it exactly like it was. She ended up shopping with Steven's mother Paula, who is her second mother. I hate shopping and am really grumpy while doing it.

Kara is really going to miss her friends from here and their parents. She has a lot of friends at the school already. Pat Marion, one of Shane's best friends, is a junior there and a world class soccer player. He will kick butt if anyone bothers her! She has also met the whole baseball team at a party at Taylor Grigsby's (Matt's godson) he played for Cal last year. She has been on Facebook and met tons more, so hopefully she will study hard and have a good time enjoying the college experience. Leaving her beautiful room and walk-in closet might be an adjustment, and I imagine she will send things home once she realizes you don't need too many little black dresses and heels in college!

Colton is taking off a few days of school to join us on our road trip. And Uncle Richie, Frankie, and my friend Cheryl will meet us there. Knowing Frankie, he will put hardwood floors in her dorm room!

Kara had so many parties to go to with all her friends back from college. She was busy day and night and did all my Christmas shopping for me too! I will really miss her. She is already missing Blair who is at UCLA. I believe she has booked her first flight home already. She has her schedule set so Thursday night she can fly in and see some of Blair's games. I think that will be her biggest adjustment — being so far from him.

Shane and his puppy Bella just left after spending three weeks with us. It was an adjustment having all his friends from college in the house, they are all growing up to be such nice boys but boy can they stay up late. We all loved hearing the college stories, and about all the unique places everyone has been.

Colton had a great holiday; he went to a charger game with my life coach, and had amazing seats and his first tailgate party. Colton has been driving a lot lately. He is a great driver with such quick reflexes — he reminds me of Shane and Matt. I know it is from having a motorized vehicle since he could walk. He had the coolest battery Jeep in the backyard that he would spend hours in.

I have had a few meetings with all the girls. We got together for Extra and another interview, and all the girls had wonderful holiday stories, and we really enjoyed each other. Quinn and Tamra are so much fun. Quinn, Tammy Knickerbocker, and I spent New Years together with Lindsey, Megan, Kristen, and Ashley. It was fun. We went in a giant limo to the Carnival at the OC Fairgrounds, and as I mentioned in my last post, we got to drop the ball at midnight on stag — it was definitely a change from my usual New Year's routine. The OC Energy Drink sponsored some of the event and I was up until 3 a.m. That was later then my kids!

Shane spent the night clubbing in LA and stayed for a few days at Frankie's pad. Kara spent the night with friends at a hotel in Anaheim and a good time was had by all. And Colton, who wasn't supposed to have even one friend over, had a rage at my house. I told him because of that his first car is going to be an exploding Pinto. Shane took his cell phone away for a day, and that was torture to Colton, his Xbox is off limits for a long time, and no more sleepovers until he is 40. I finally took my three Christmas trees down, and it was so sad to see them go. I love the lights, and it is so much work that I now know why my mom used to put a sheet over the tree and carry it to the basement!

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