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My Two Sons

Jeana Keough describes her relationship with her sons, Shane and Colton.

By Jeana Keough

Shane and Colton always got along, even though Colton was Shane's shadow. Growing up, they raced up and down the golf course, with Shane chasing Colton. We lived on a golf course then, and they would throw the ball for Shagger, our lab. It was always a contest to see who could throw farther. Everything was a competition: who could get dressed faster, clean there room faster, sell more gift wrapping paper for school. My neighbor, Darrel Starnes, was the one who taught the boys to ride bikes and build things. He is a general contractor. If anyone on the street did anything requiring tools, my boys were there. Matt can't change a light bulb, so I am thrilled the small neighborhood we were in had all these great Dad's to pick up the slack for Matt. Colton can take his golf apart, and all the neighbors call him when they need something.

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From a young age, he had engineering style and critical thinking skills. He got that from me! Colton is stronger from always having to live up to Shane's taunts. They share a passion for driving and cars, and Shane is maturing. He has finally caught up with Colton, who was always mature. They respect each other, and Shane learned how to be a team player. He isn't as selfish as he used to be. We can't wait for Shane to come home for X-mas. We have a lot of baseball workouts scheduled with Kara's boyfriend, Blair, and the boys and a few other friends are working with Matt and a few other coaches to get ready for spring training. This should be a great year for Shane: he is healthy, in shape, and anxious to play. Colton made Varsity, so he should have a great year also.


When we went to see Shane in Canada he was struggling. If you hit fifty percent of the time, you are in the hall of fame, so it is to be expected that you are going to go on hitless streaks. He turned it around before we left, though (he listened to mom, of course). Canada was beautiful. His live-in family was really nice, also. In the minors, the boys live with host families. Shane got lucky, since his was great. Night club age was 18, so he had a ball.

Colton is like Mom: helping people, with more of an engineering mind. Shane is creative, athletic, extremely driven to be the top in his field. He works out, trains, and eats so well. No junk food!

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