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Keeping the Faith

Quinn Fry speaks candidly about religion and relationships.

By Quinn Fry


How to Watch

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A lot of you have been asking about what it is I do for a living and this episode gave you a little taste of it. My work keeps me very busy — I've been working at a telecommunications company for nine years now as their Internet Marketing Manager and I also run an Orange County Event Web site that gives local people the weekly updates on where to go, what's happening, and who's playing where and when. We also have weekly restaurant reviews, concert updates, and list most charity functions. Those two jobs keep me VERY busy, both at the office and also out and about on the OC social scene. So if you want to know the haute spots in the OC to go, I'll know them!

Religion and relationships — wow — where do I start? I guess I'll start by saying that what a person feels strongly about (whatever that is) is woven into their very core. It's part of who they are, why they act the way they do, and what makes them unique. If you are in a relationship and you believe strongly in something and the other person doesn't, or worse believes the total opposite, things can get messy. If it's something uncomplicated like ...who likes butter and who likes margarine, obviously the butter wins — kidding. But when it's something that is important to the other person, you will need to talk openly about it and share why they feel the way they do with each other. If we are still at opposites after communicating our heartfelt beliefs ... then for me that's a deal breaker.

Religion didn't play a role in my first marriage because I was married to my high school sweetheart. He was the only boy that I had ever dated. We dated for five years and were married right after high school. He went to the same church. Religion was never an issue. If Billy had his way, though, these topics would come up often. I have not studied different religions, but Billy has, and can speak volumes on each different one. I am comforted in what I believe in and I don't ever wish to change that. I believe in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. I have since I can remember.

Billy and I had a great time on-board the yacht at Tamra's 40th birthday party. Newport Beach is such a beautiful place and it was a warm southern California night. Billy got a chance to meet the other housewives and it was a fun party atmosphere, so he had some time to get acquainted with them. We danced, drank, ate sushi, and danced some more ... a fun time was had by all. Tamra is so very beautiful and the Rolex watch that Simon got her was stunning! I still can't believe she was yakking about being — "so old" — pleeeassseee! She is gorgeous and doesn't need to worry about looking old, period.


It wasn't awkward when Lauri's wedding came up. I wasn't expecting an invitation. The housewives were all excited about it and rightly so — a wedding to the one you love is something to get very excited about. I have gotten to know Lauri better over these past few months since filming and she is a sweet and beautiful person. George is a very lucky man and I wish them a lifetime full of happiness!

Las Vegas was ... interesting. Don't get me wrong — the resort was spectacular! We stayed in a huge villa/suite complete with two master bedrooms, a pool table, bar, backyard pool, and its own personal butler! But the time that Billy and I spent together didn't go as I had thought it might. We are just not in agreement on our beliefs and that is HUGE for me. I've already compromised too much to continue on and I've been conflicted about it. I'm afraid that I need to fish or cut bait (My father would say, "Sh** or get off the pot") and that's going to be hard.

The Valley Ranch Resort reminded me of the Montage in Laguna Beach, or Las Ventanas in Cabo — over the top! It was a great getaway and I think we needed that time together to clear the air on "US". But before we had "the talk" I just wanted to enjoy the resort and relax, plus have some fun while in Vegas. Our room was awesome! My "Releasing the Beast" comment will go down as a stupid thing I never should have said with a camera on me! But I guess it's true. I need to be in a loving, safe, committed, trusting, and MARRIED relationship to "let go." I think most women need this. I know it's a generalization here and, forgive me to those sensitive men out there, but most men can have intimate relations with women and walk away or even have multiple partners and it's a non-issue. Women are not made that way as a whole. We need to feel loved. We need that in order to feel safe, and then we can let go and maybe be a little wild. But being loved and feeling cherished is the key. I want that. I need that. I'm not going to settle or compromise anymore!

As for Jared, he and I headed to Mr. Chow's in Beverly Hills for dinner recently. He thinks I need to get out of the OC and have some fun for a minute. It was not a "date" — remember, he is my friend nothing more. But, I may be back out in the dating world soon and I'm NOT looking forward to it.

Also, I've been hitting the gym and working out very HARD these past few months since filming. With help from my trainer and a low carb diet you will see a much slimmer/sexier Quinn! Here's where I do my version of a Vicki yell: WOOO-HOOO!

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