A Few "Regretskies"

A Few "Regretskies"

Real Kid Kara Keough promises to start censoring herself -- eventually.

It's really hard to get someone else to stick to an exercise or dieting routine when I don't even have my own life together in that area. My mom and I both need to work on ourselves a little. We BOTH try really hard to stay healthy and exercise, and we try to keep each other in check, but sometimes life's just too short to say no to chocolate!

I can tell that my mom is unhappy with her body, as are a lot of women, and I do try to remind her that she should eat better. And yes, she reminds me when I need to lay off the cookies too. It's an ongoing effort in our house. The boys are the most vocal about my mom's diet, particularly Colton. He's very protective of his mom and I think it kills him that she isn't as confident as she should be. Or worse, people (because of the show) insult my mom and her looks.

It's hard for us to put ourselves in front of the nation to be judged and sometimes I have major "regretskies" about the things I do or say. I was pretty bratty about Berkeley this season, and for the most part I said what I said to make people laugh. I've always had a problem censoring myself (I remember being told as a young child that my "effective filter" was "broken.") I always go too far to get a rise out of people. I'm well aware of the stereotypes surrounding Berkeley and I like to use those images and ideas as joke material. Immediately after I said that stuff about Berkeley, I knew I shouldn't have. The problem is, I knew it too late. The second something comes out of my mouth, the damage is done. I have a really hard time dealing with the fact that I may have hurt people's feelings with my "jokes," so here's a giant I'M SORRY to those I offended. Berkeley's a different world and I have learned to appreciate it for its special little quirks.

On a completely different subject, I'm obsessed with Gretchen. She's a fellow Scorpio and we share the same birthday - how can I not love her? She's beautiful, sweet, charming, and clever. My favorite types of people are the clever ones, so she has my affection naturally. My mom is very maternal towards Gretchen, calling her "baby" and always being very concerned about her. I know my mom cares a lot about her. I'm a big fan of the Barney family too. Tammy and Simon are the funniest couple around. They constantly have interesting things to say and their relationship is one to be envied. They are extremely happy together and there's a lot of love in their house. Vicki and Donn are like a second set of parents up the street. They help find our lost dogs, or come running when we need help. Vicki really is the best person to contact in a crisis. She's a lot like my mom in that sense. OH, and one last thing! My roommates and I got a dog to keep us company at school. His name is Leo Taquito and he's a little fireball. My vote went against getting a puppy, but then my inner child took over, and here I am, two months later, with a rat terrier that eats his own... well, you get the picture. Here's where an "effective filter" would have come in hand.

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