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Kara Keough

Road Rage

Tensions run high on a hilarious road trip with Kara Keough and her mom!

Place Your Bets

Kara Keough recounts her childhood at the racetracks, and considers what it'd be like to work for Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel.

Glitter Girl

Straight-A Berkeley student Kara Keough shares why she wanted to get a job.

Growing Up

Kara Keough hits up the shooting range with Simon Barney.

Bring It On!

Real Kid Ashley Zarlin explains the motivation behind her skin care line, and says goodbye to OC fans.

A Few "Regretskies"

Real Kid Kara Keough promises to start censoring herself -- eventually.

Tough Transition

Real kid Kara Keough explains why college at Berkeley was tough -- at first.