All About the Benjamins

All About the Benjamins

The blonde broads are back, and NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel shares her thoughts on the fourth season premiere offers her first impressions on the new season of OC.

The blonde broads are back and this season's oranges are gonna be juicy! Let's start out with Gretchen, the new girl. She loves bling and Tamra is not happy that she isn't the new girl, and she may have to give over her tiara to the new hottest housewife. The girls look hot. Vicki, like some of the Atlanta girls, favors the French manicure. I really think it's 80s, but evidently it is in style in some places. It's a big Florida thing too.

Vicki's son Michael is all grown up and he bought his girlfriend a 700 dollar dog. I'm a fan of mutts and the pound and I just pray they didn't go to a pet store. The boat Mom wants to buy is fantastic, but boats are a fortune and every time you breathe it costs money. Vicki's type A personality will go nuts. Keep the lake house. Michael votes for the boat and Brianna wants mom to spend more time with the family.

Jeana lost weight and looks happier and beautiful. Losing a man that's weighing you down will make you look lighter and brighter. It definitely is time for a little house facelift, and putting aside the Nagel pictures is a start. Maybe framing one of them in a cooler, more modern frame is a way to remember the past in the future. Having a Nagel and playboy cover are definitely impressive. I'm a fan of getting rid of the moose on the wall, unless of course it's in homage to Sarah Palin. I'm guessing some of these babes are Republicans.

So Tamra is getting her mom a facelift. I thought her mother was cute. The vanity theme will be a big one in the Tamra plotline.

Speaking of hot blondes, Lauri really has a hot body. George wants to go to Dubai for their honeymoon and she wants exotic. Truthfully, Dubai is like going to Vegas. They referred to Richard Branson as Charles, and the island they were referring to was Necker Island. Beautiful spot. I'm jealous if they go there. For some reason, George looked uncomfortable in this scene. Maybe he really doesn't want to expose their marriage to the world at large. I know from firsthand experience. It can be sticky.

Then we meet Jeff. He does look older, but shaving the beard and mustache would make him look much younger. He seems sweet and they seem to be in love. I'm not a fan of her diamonds and costly house being the basis of their relationship. I'm hoping there is much more there. Sugar daddy with hot blonde - it's too cliche. He seems uncomfortable and I feel badly that she said the "physical didn't matter." Twenty-three years is a lot older, but I really don't judge affairs of the heart. I would date someone younger or older and it all evens out. He loves her unconditionally and she crawls into bed with him every night. I like that she called him Prince Charming.

I'm glad to see that Ryan and Simon have patched things up. Stepchildren and parent relationships can be sticky. As for Kara, I'm not surprised she found Berkley too earthy. Going from shiny Orange County to Berkeley isn't a smooth transition. Shane seems to have matured since we last saw him.

In Detroit, we get to see Gretchen's hot body. We learn about the leukemia, which is tragic, and I can't believe he would even endure shooting this show. I'm buying that she loves him, and I really like her. She broke my heart when she says what an easy man he is to love and how his being sick changed her priorities. I'm a little put off by his being married five times. Red flag!

At the trunk show, the blondes are staking their claim. Gretchen wants it on the record that her rack is real and Tamra wants to hold on to her hot housewife title. Honestly, who cares? Someone needs a hobby. This meow fest turned into an animal print catfest. I agreed with Vicki when she said the fashion police were going to arrest all of them. Sometimes less is more, but in Orange County, more is always more. Vicki was just being maternal. I don't think she was jealous. I really think she thought that the sexy dresses were a little over the top.

Jeana looked very pretty in her dress though. She really is glowing. Talk about diamonds and titanium Amex cards and labels. It's all about the benjamins with these babies!

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