Don't Hate the Player...

Don't Hate the Player...

NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel gives the OC Housewives some tough love.

Before I lay into this week's episode, thanks for reading, and keep the comments coming.  I read every single one, and I love it.  I have to respond to a few, however. As for the comments about how hard it is to be a stay at home mom — absolutely! I am not humoring you when I say that of all of the many jobs that I do, I think that raising more than zero or 1 child would be absolutely daunting. The difference between my writing a book or doing a spokesperson deal is that those jobs end. Being a mother and wife (hopefully) never end. My biggest struggle in life is not knowing if I can do both.

What I meant when I discussed Vicki and Jeana being qualified to discuss the money topic was for a very specific reason. There were undertones in Lynne's comments about the girls being overly concerned with money, insinuating a gold-digging theme.  These women are businesswomen and they are talking to Lynne and Gretchen about a topic that they have more experience with.  Gretchen may say that she works, and Lynne may make diamond encrusted cuffs, but by no means are they business savvy like Vicki and Jeana.

Next, as for the few and far between comments saying that I was given everything by my father or anyone else — they are downright false. Everything positive and negative that I am and I have is solely because of me. Say I'm pushy or aggressive or ugly or bitchy or that I have an overly pronounced jaw, and frankly I don't give a crap. Say mean things about my blog and I'm fine, but I won't let anyone here or elsewhere attribute my success to any free rides whatsoever. OK, now that's done.

On to the main event. Just when I think that the show gets boring, something reels me in.  Vicki was sweet, genuine, insecure and slightly annoying with her repeatedly talking about "her people."  We get it Vicki. You have friends. Jeana has a subtle sense of humor. I loved her line "Get your ass, pick up your teeth and let's go" when referring to old age.

I really have separated those two daughters, Raquel and Alexa, and I like Alexa. I feel badly for Lynne because she lacks that disciplinary gene and it is because she is simply too nice and just thinks that everything is going to be OK. In this case, she really needs to pull herself up from her bootstraps and reel that girl in.

As for the conversation about children under age sleeping with their significant other in the same bed, I'm going to have to agree with Vicki, but I can so see how in actuality, it could go the other way. I think 18 should be the age in which your children can sleep under the same roof in your house. I am not a mother, nor did I have any parenting whatsoever, so I'm not equipped to comment.

My assistant Molly and I disagreed over the Vicki on the friend's husband's lap moment. Molly thought it was her friend's husband's lap and not inappropriate.  a) I thought it was highly inappropriate to her husband, the man (who wasn't minding it), the man's children and especially his wife.  b) I thought it made Vicki look cheap.  As for her saying that her boobs keep wanting to come out and play, that was just something no one needed to hear, inappropriate at any age but certainly at hers.  Not her finest hour and she must be hiding with Donn under a rock.

The underlying core issue here is that she is starving for love and affection and attention. All she does is work and this is just misdirected energy. She needs to get honest with herself and go for what she really wants and needs.

Jeana handles herself better in those situations.

I was so uncomfortable when Colton being so harsh with Jeana at the game. It seems that Jeana is self-loathing, which is why she is stress eating. The way her children and ex-husband treat her is undoubtedly related to this. In addition, she isn't being good to herself by allowing this treatment. I decided today that I am going to help her to get fit.  I just mailed her my book <em>Naturally Thin</em> today (pre-orderHERE!) and I may even visit her out there and get her in gear.

Vicki hit the nail on the head that Jeana's children are hostile because of the example their father set.

The way Shane treated her was vile and inexcusable.  This hit me so hard because I have had no family whatsoever, and Jeana is a loving, concerned, caring mother who wants to see her children shine. I wanted to jump through the screen and punch that spoiled a-hole in the mouth. How dare you speak to your mother, much less anyone, like that? She should have walked out and she shouldn't give those kids a cent. Her daughter is lovely. It should now be Jeana's time. Her children are grown and she needs to stop focusing on them and start focusing on herself.

As for another child-rearing moment, Raquel's on-screen drinking is beyond inexcusable and her parents are enablers. At 18, that girl should have a job instead of a fancy car, and the younger one has no business being in Vegas without anyone knowing. Lynne needs to do the opposite of Jeana and she needs to lay focus on those girls rather than her young looks and thighs.

Everyone is going to hate me this week, but as I always say:  "Don't hate the player. Hate the game."

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