No More Wire Hangers

No More Wire Hangers

Bethenny Frankel's still waiting for OC to show some spark, but in the meantime, she airs some pet peeves.

I don't know why it drives me so crazy, but whether it is watching Alex and Simon from my show or Tamra and Simon on Orange County, I just find it ironic for people to buy all of these expensive clothes and hang them on wire hangers. It's a pet peeve, I know I need therapy, but please, no more wire hangers. Also, Tamra's closet was a total mess. I just want to come over and sort through everything. Tamra is fun though and she's good television. She and her husband respect each other, which doesn't seem to be a recurring theme on this show. I think Jeana looks very pretty and seems a bit nicer and calmer this season. I cannot get over an 8k bed. It cost me 10k to redo my entire (yet small) one bedroom apartment.

Why am I not comfortable with this whole Gretchen character? She is saccharin sweet and honestly a bit annoying with her giggling Chrissy from Three's Company personality. I still don't like Jeff running around to racetracks with a camera crew when he should be in bed resting. Again, I can handle a sugar daddy story, but not with a subplot of an illness. This whole thing seems inauthentic and I'm not buying it. She has my favorite token French manicure, which I'm going to have to get used to. I'm sure I'm the one who is out of style. Gretchen mentioned that Jeff likes that everyone is looking at his girl. Please gag me with a pitchfork. I'm also never a fan of the token carriage ride, but it was sweet that she said she's always fixing him. Something here just seems forced and makes me utterly uncomfortable. Is it me?

Poor Vicki and Don. There are many risks when airing a relationship on television. My problem isn't that they have marital issues, but that they make those around them uncomfortable with comments about their relationship ("if we make it") and their constant bickering. It wasn't fair to Tamra and Simon who were trying to enjoy their anniversary in Napa. Vicki looks like the bad guy and nag (and maybe she is), but I think that this is a chicken and egg situation. She is starving for love and affection so now she is lashing out and being negative as a last resort. Their relationship is in a vicious cycle and needs a serious overhaul. It's like decay and it only gets worse. I empathize with Jeana, who is struggling with her trainer and workout routine. Truthfully, I think she's beautiful and she doesn't have that much weight to lose. Once she reads my book, Naturally Thin, she will learn how to be thin on her own terms. Maybe her trainer is right that she is holding on to her last amount of weight. I think she's well on her way to excellence.

I was relieved to find out that Lauri was leaving the show, because it was excruciating to watch her discuss her son's addiction on national television. As if life and addiction isn't difficult enough, now this kid has to know that the entire world knows about his issues. There is a line that you don't cross on these shows and doing potential damage to your family is that line. We're talking heroine and arrests. This is no joke. I liked when Tamara said: "bow chicka bow wow," but found the lingerie and handcuffs scene a little skanky. There are some things I don't need to know. I'm sure the camera guy really enjoyed that. I particularly appreciated Tamra letting us know she "sealed the deal." Okey dokey. I still like them though and I think it is an accomplishment that they still have spice in their relationship.

What was with the major malfunction at the restaurant? Try some different food. Get the tasting menu. They'll put botulism in their faces but won't take a tiny taste of duck fat. It all didn't need to be so complicated. You don't need a job at NASA to figure out a tasting menu. More uncomfortable than the ordering was Vicki continuing to beat Don's ass at the table. It was almost unwatchable. Vicki and Don are completely shut down and no one knows what to do. I can see how this can happen in a relationship and I feel for them, because they are committed and have stuck together, but don't know what to do next. I was also very uncomfortable and sad when Vicki was saying she was invisible and doesn't get any of the five necessary levels in a relationship. It really is sad, but they need to bring a therapist into this mix.

Something is off this season and I can't wrap my head around it. On one hand, the show is beyond absurd with lingerie, leopard dress scenes, but at the same time, it deals with the pain of a crumbling marriage. There are at least ten episodes to go, so I'm willing to be patient.

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