Sexed-Up Season

Sexed-Up Season

Animal prints? Motorcycles? Sexy Lingerie? NYC Housewife Bethenny Frankel shares why she's a little skeptical of the Coto ladies.

I'm a little bit disappointed so far. It seems like by season four, some of these girls are playing it up a little bit for the cameras. Tamra has definitely sexed up her wardrobe. She, like most of the ladies, looks great in the opening. I like that leopard dress on her. Animal prints are definitely this season's O.C. choice. They're so funny. The whole cast will pick a style and wear it into the ground the whole season. That turquoise beaded cleavage shirt she wore was a little much though, but she does look good, and she may be the hottest housewife. I like Gretchen, but the look is a little too Hawaiian Tropic for me.

Tamra was being portrayed as neurotic when moving the furniture with Simon, but I would've freaked too. You work so hard to make your house nice, and in 15 minutes, everything is scratched. A mover would have been cheaper than the repairs. A man staying home all day is a recipe for disaster. He needs to get to work or he'll drive her nuts. I'm not entirely comfortable with the Gretchen scenes. I know how draining and exhausting shooting can be and to put a sick man with leukemia through her dream of fame is quite self-involved. I understand that she is taking care of her, but spending quality time with him would be a better way. Dragging him in front of a ten-person camera crew seems a little bit much for me, and he seems to be enduring it for her. I also don't understand why he wants her to be riding a motorcycle. Is there anything more dangerous? His life is at risk. Is it necessary for hers to be as well? Not loving this storyline. The blonde potential gold digger story would have been good, minus the sick older man.

Vicki is utterly neurotic, but I am the same, so it is hard for me to criticize. Although I don't always voice my obsessive feelings, she expresses some of my thoughts. I would over-think what to bring on vacation, but she takes it to the next level and tortures her whole family. I need her to replace those white plastic hangers with the felt ones that give you a third more room in your closet and that don't allow clothes to slip. Not to mention that they look sleeker. I also need to talk to her about the square French manicure. Why does it drive me so crazy? Another uncomfortable series of moments is the blatant magnitude to which Don is not invited on the family vacation. It is emasculating to him, it makes me feel bad that she doesn't even want him there, and it concerns me about their relationship. Truthfully, I bet many couples go through this and it is one of my biggest fears. Dialogue like, "I don't care if you go," cuts right through me.

Ok, was the sexy lingerie and toys scene necessary? I was embarrassed. Tamra looked very hot in all of those outfits, and she could keep that hot title, but is that really that important? I think it is sexier to leave a little bit to the imagination. Her line, "hold onto your daddies girls, here comes Gretchen," may be the best of the season. I like the real estate moments with Jeana because I learn something. I had no idea what a short sale is, and I like that they are truthfully addressing the real estate crash. Lauri's daughter's skin care line is a bit cliche and unintelligent. She has no business plan, no experience, no brand and no credibility or expertise. Brands run by dermatologists fail much less ones by girls who are not far away from being a teenager. She needs to specifically target her brand to girls her age, focus on their particular issues such as early skin damage, acne or whatever a young twenty-something goes through.

The cattiness in the limo before Gretchen entered was brutal. Lauri is happy to give up her golddigging title, and Tamra even quoted me by saying, "oh no she didn't," which made me giggle. Can you say MEOW! Vicki is right. No one should leave that car ever or they will be ripped. The cancer of the blood conversation is really upsetting, especially within all of this cattiness. Truthfully, Gretchen seems sweet. We'll see. Vicki makes me look like a slacker with her computer. It is a little bit much. Get a blackberry. That limo ride was scary and very 6th grade. These tigers may actually eat their young.

Until next time.

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