An Old Soul

An Old Soul

Jeana Keough talks about her visit home to Milwaukee, and her two sons, Colton and Shane.

My trip to Milwaukee in this week's episode was fun for me. It is always fun to go home and see my parents and brothers Bill, Jeff and James and my sister Janis. My nieces are all so grown up. Kennedi graduated from Marquette, and is getting married in October.

It is hard to go back  because I leave feeling guilty that I don’t get out there enough. My parents are such a big part of who I am and my moral beliefs. It makes me realize that even if Shane has a smart mouth some times that this too will pass, he has been bred with all the right tools and taught to him that a momentary slip of the tongue doesn’t give me cause for concern. He didn’t mean his comments any more then when I say "I will kill for a piece of cake." I love my son and I do not wear blinders. He is an amazing high energy young man who knows exactly what he wants and is willing to work hard to get it. My television show embarrasses him and he has no love for the editing.

Colton is never disrespectful and is a leader in his school. Parents always call Colton for advice on problems they are having with their sons and he is a very old soul. He was arguing with Vicki in last week’s episode because he is trying to keep me on my diet, and I ask him to remind me if I slip up.

I want my sister, Janis, to move to the OC. Before Janis got married she flew out every summer for a few weeks, she looked like an OC girl with her blonde hair and tan and yes, I would love her to move here. If she doesn’t do it soon she will be entrenched in Milwaukee with grandkids and never leave. I love the lakefront, and being on "Dave and Carol's” radio show was fun.

We had a great time in Vegas, too much alcohol though!

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