Open Letter to a NYC Housewife

Open Letter to a NYC Housewife

Real Kid Ashley Zarlin defends her skin care line.

Dear Miss Bethenny,

Being rude is not glamorous, original, daring or funny for that matter. Up until reading your blog, I had no clue who you were. So I called my mom to get the dirt on you, but for the most part, we just laughed at your expense. The world has plenty of people like you to go around. We need more people who can control their tempers and hold their tongues. I don't think you'll find anyone who appreciates your mode of communication the way you do, unless they are rude too. I understand that misery loves company, and you are clearly trying to cover up your lack of self confidence by trying to throw people under the bus. I have sympathy for you and I hope that one day you will find inner peace. Obviously at some point in your life you decided to be a baker - did your friends and family try to hold you back from pursuing your dreams? I hope not. Did you listen to the voices of those who tried to tell you that you couldn't do it? I find it disheartening that somebody who has once been in my position would be so negative of something that I am passionate about.

Being 23 years old and starting my own business is not cliche and definitely not unintelligent. What I find to be unintelligent is you making a preconceived notion about my skin care line after watching about 15 seconds of something you know has been edited for drama's sake. If you'd like I would be more than happy to send you some samples so you can try them out.

Until then, stick to what you know - baking cookies!


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