Place Your Bets

Place Your Bets

Kara Keough recounts her childhood at the racetracks, and considers what it'd be like to work for Real Housewife Bethenny Frankel.

The racetrack is part of my childhood — I remember going as a kid to watch Uncle Richie's family's horses. My dad used to place small bets for my brothers and me (although I admit we simply picked the horses with the best names) and no matter what happened, I always left the racetrack with a little extra money. I inherited a taste for gambling from my dad — my mom would rather use the money she already had and spend it on something she wanted instead of risk losing it and having nothing. But for me, the risk has always been worth the reward.

I've never left the track, or Indian casinos, a loser. So, I think I'm a lifer. I think Vegas is calling my name for my 21st birthday in October. The beautiful people, hats, and horses in Del Mar have always held a charm to me. How could anyone not enjoy watching the graceful gait of a racehorse? I've heard horrible things about what happens to some racehorses after they are determined unfit, and I hope to God it's not true. I'd like to think every racehorse gets released to pasture and enjoys leisurely days of sunshine and alfalfa. The racetrack will always be a place of happiness for me. Even with my mother and all her wild friends, I was still able to walk away with a smile (and $200 in winnings to thicken my wallet).

I brought up the tension between Tamra and Gretchen only because I felt like there was something I was missing — I don't like to be kept in the dark. I now realize, from watching the show, that there was a little drama between them. I think all the women in my mom's group of friends, including Tamra and Gretchen, butt heads. I would argue that this is only because they are all very strong women with strong personalities. Not a single one of these women is the type to fly under the radar. They all like to be heard, appreciated, and respected. This is a group of five Alpha women. And sometimes, that means butting heads. So be it. I would not change a single thing about these girls.

Bethenny's compliment to me was very sweet. It was kind of her to imply that I would be an asset to her business. I love New York, so I am not opposed to any opportunity that would take me eastward. I am, however, right in the middle of college, and finishing up my education is my first priority. But if Bethenny needs a little creative inspiration, I would love to help. It would be a pleasure to have friends on the right coast. Happy 2009 everyone :)

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