Beauty Day!

Beauty Day!

Vicki talks about her staff appreciation day.


Welcome back. I'm still on vacation at my condo in Puerto Vallarta and I'm enjoying every moment of it. My high school girlfriend Jeannie joined me yesterday from Chicago and I'm enjoying every moment of good quality time together with lots of laughs.

I turned down the invitation to go to Gretchen's Tupperware party for many reasons, but most of all due to my work schedule and conflicts. I was also not comfortable seeing Slade if he happened to be there. I would rather avoid any conflict or confrontation with him, as he's not worth my time or energy. Can you say "negative energy"?

None of my other castmembers have ever been to Coto Insurance's office so they have NO IDEA the responsibilities I have at my office. Between servicing new clients with retirement planning, life insurance selling, managing and motivating 10 employees full time and over 700 agents in the field it's more than a full time job. Their world is completely different than mine and I am 100% happy living in my world. Every day I wake I up and go to my office, I am making a difference in someone else's life and that is my motivation to do what I do, versus going to for instance a daytime/early evening Tupperware party.

I was really excited to award my staff with our first "Coto Beauty Day." I have the best staff in the world, they love me and respect me and I wanted to show my gratitude to them for their hard work and dedication. I hired Erin from OC Mobile Tan and Dr. Habermeil from Habermeil Aesthetics in Newport Beach to do the Botox. Everyone really loved it and even David obtained his first botox treatment (even though I didn't think he needed it). I have surprised my staff also in having a limo show up at the office and say "It's a Coto Field trip day - let's go to LA" and we all head to the city for lunch and a show. It's so much to fun to get to know everyone on a personal level versus just the "work mode" and I think that is one of the keys to our success. On boss's day this year, I had received amazing cards and flowers and candles in my office from my staff saying even though I’m tough at times, and I push them to be the best that they can be, that they appreciate me and LOVE working for Coto Insurance. That is the greatest gift I can receive is gratification from all of them. Our motto at our office is: We work hard, and we play hard! Do I hear a "woo hoo"??


Again, if you're one of the 85 million Americans who don't have life insurance please contact us. It is more important than ever to secure a plan because you never know what tomorrow may bring. You have a 100% chance of passing away, you simply don't know when. Please visit our website for a free quote at

Also, if you're interested in obtaining my new book More Than A Housewife is now available at I have been receiving an overwhelming response from people that have finished the book and said it was inspirational, motivational and emotional to read. I look forward to hearing from you and letting me know how you liked it.

Thank you and see you next week from Mexico. Adios!


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