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A Little Sentimental

Gretchen talks about planning her parents' anniversary and shares her thoughts on plastic surgery.

By Gretchen Rossi

Hi guys,

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I want to preface this week by asking you to please remember when reading our blogs that this show is about having opinions, and every week we are asked to blog about our "opinions" of each other and what is happening in the episode, so that is why I discuss what I do.

This week's episode was really fun for me to watch, because it is about me preparing for my parents' 40th wedding anniversary. I had been planning this special event for them for close to six months. Unfortunately, the show can't show everything that it took to prepare for this event and all the fun things that went into creating this weekend for my parents due to time and some locations not allowing cameras.

I had a huge checklist of things I had to get done in order to make the event come together, and one of those things included stealing a dress from my mom's house in order to make her a custom wedding dress for the weekend. It was successful, although very funny at times! Now you can see why Shawna and I are such good friends, and why the dynamic of having her work for me was a hard transition. I'm so glad my mom didn't come home, because I honestly didn't want any part of the surprise weekend to be ruined.

They didn't show the footage, but my father and I went into Newport Jewelers together to pick out the ring for my mom. The ring was from my father, however I just pushed him a little to make it happen, and trading in my old diamonds from my ex-husband Chris definitely helped dad financially. It was a little sentimental for me to take my first wedding ring in, however it was so worth it once I saw how beautiful my mom's new ring had turned out, and I knew how happy it would make her and dad! It was very meaningful to take something that no longer was a part of my life and turn it into something special and wonderful for someone else! (And don't worry, I talked to Chris about it before I did it, and he was happy I was doing that.)

Slade and I planned two jammed packed days full of surprises and events for my parents, and it was probably one of the most memorable and rewarding experiences celebrating my parents! They mean everything to me, and it was so much fun to plan this for them, despite how much time and energy it took away from everything else I had going on in my life at the time. Can't wait for you guys to see what happens next week.

Now let's talk about plastic surgery, since it seems to always be a topic on this show! For the record, I have never had plastic surgery myself (despite all the rumors that say I have had every surgery known to mankind done -- cheek implants, nose, fake teeth, and whatever else they can come up with). Honestly I probably would look a lot better if I had all that done! I know it looks like I have acne on the side of my face as well, unfortunately those are moles on my face, and if I could have plastic surgery to remove those, I would have done so a long time ago! I am trying a laser on them currently, so let's see if it works.

I think a lot of people have misconceptions about what is actually considered plastic surgery. Plastic surgery actually consists of cutting of the skin, so surprisingly Botox and fillers are not considered plastic surgery (I didn't know that until I did work for "The Gretchen Project" in France). Let me be clear that I am not against plastic surgery at all, and I am sure one day I will probably have something nipped, tucked, or worked on as my body and face starts to droop! However, I find some women overdo it and sometimes start way too young (like Heidi Montag) when they are so beautiful to start with. I have had a couple of Botox injections that I have not been happy with because it makes my eyebrows too pointy! YUCK! Peggy's attitude towards plastic surgery made me laugh, however I think most of the seriously practicing holistic people in this world wouldn't agree with her philosophy. I can imagine they think that it's very contradictory and confusing.

Slade and I took pictures for the NOH8 campaign back when it first started, and I think it is a wonderful campaign! We were honored to support our friends and family. As you guys have seen on the show, we have so many near and dear friends in the gay community, and I will always believe and fight for their right to love one another just the same as the heterosexual community. When Slade and I did that campaign, it was for the right reasons. I will state again that I believe you can get the same message across without having to take your clothes off.


I agree and understood where Fernanda was coming from in regards to her party and being hurt. I think there should have been more effort there if she knew about it that far in advance. I like that Fernanda just says how she feels and puts it all out there! I respect that, and I think it's a good thing to be able to tell your friends when you have been hurt. I think it's sad when a friend becomes so defensive and cannot even say they are sorry. (Another check on my list of the kind of friends that I don't want to have.) I am so happy for Fernanda to be an American citizen and that she is so proud of that. I sure know I am!

Now we are at Alexis' Botox party, as you can see I have no intention of being involved in any drama, and I was just minding my own business trying to have a good time. I had been told by so many people that Tamra had changed and was in a better place, but once I saw she was unwilling to come up to me and apologize I knew not that much had changed, so after her party I just decided to keep my distance and not engage.

I was not surprised one bit that she was plotting with Vicki about how she was going to handle me. Hasn't she been doing this for years now with me? It was so funny to me that she said she was scared of me! BOO! I also see that she is just going to continue to make up crap about me as well; this week it's, "I hit people" and she is afraid I might hit her. Hold on, didn't Simon state that she was physically abusive to him, which is part of the reason Tamra and Jeana get into a brawl this year (please note who gets physical with who in that scene). Too funny! Every week she continues to prove my point that she just projects who she actually is onto others. Let me also be clear that in no way do I feel I made an ass out of myself at her party, I simply stated the truth, and the truth is obviously something she can't handle very well.

I was surprised and disappointed to hear what Peggy had to say about me and my sign, and apparently she is not very good at reading astrology and people, because the only people that showed up with a bad aura were the two Musketeers that Alexis pointed out Peggy was brown nosing with. It was a little strange being that I didn't know Peggy that well yet, and the few times I had hung out with her I have been nothing but upbeat, sweet, and positive towards her. However, Peggy recently told me that she did not feel that way about me that night and it was misconstrued. I have been told a lot of things about myself, (some are very true) but in 33 years of being on Earth I have never had someone say I have a negative energy. Actually it's always been the exact opposite.

On a positive note, the song you guys heard a little of on Andy Cohen's Watch What Happens Live is now available on iTunes! Look up Gretchen Christine Rossi, it's called Revelation! In the first few seconds of the song I say, "Now listen up girls," and it's me referencing the women of this show. Listen to the words, you guys will get it! Hey I get I'm not Britney Spears, and I am not trying to be her, I am singing because it is what I love to do, and if people enjoy what we have created, then that is icing on the cake. I'm so flattered that I have been already booked to perform this song in five different clubs across the country, so be sure to find out if I am coming to your town in the next few months. I would love to meet you!

Can't wait to hear from you guys through my, @gretchenrossi on twitter, or my personal website about this episode.

Till next week,


Gretchen Christine

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