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Happy, Content, and in Love

Gretchen dishes on the past two episodes and her relationship with Slade.

By Gretchen Rossi

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Hi Bravo fans!

Sorry for the delay in my finale episode blog and for missing a blog from the last episode! I have been so busy with work and traveling, so unfortunately I have to prioritize the most important things I need to focus on. It feels like there is never enough time in the day to get it all done! Lots to talk about after missing two weeks of episodes, so my blog is a bit longer this week.

First let's get right into it with the episode from two weeks ago (Alexis's Fashion show), since so many have requested to hear my side of the story in regards to the Vicki and the hospital situation. You saw my first reaction to Vicki being in the hospital and not my reaction after I had been given more information. For the record I would never be upset about someone going into the hospital. That is just ridiculous and would not match up with who I am as a person. Of course I was concerned the second I heard she went to the hospital, unfortunately my true concern turned into me questioning the validity of the situation due to the events that happened quickly after the news. Here are some of the reasons things started to a look a little suspicious to me. First off Tamra states that Vicki has been having this issue of bleeding for close to two months now, which immediately makes me question why she never went to hospital before today. (This is why you hear me say that I found it ironic that at 2PM on a Thursday right when Alexis's event was supposed to happen, she decides she needs to go.) Second we start to see Tamra be so dramatic with her gasps and OMGs for the first thirty minutes of Alexis' fashion show (of course taking away from the event) regarding everything that is happening to Vicki. But she is not concerned enough to excuse herself to go the hospital. To me those two things just don't go hand in hand. First and foremost, if that was my friend, I would have politely excused myself and gone to the hospital. Secondly I wouldn't want to take away from another person's event that they had spent so much time planning. Then Vicki starts to send photos of herself with her IV in her arm and updates every two minutes about her condition, knowing full well we are filming. To me it is selfish knowing that by sending these constant updates and pictures while filming for Alexis' event, everyone will be talking about her and her condition now. I mean come on! Because Tamra did not excuse herself when her self proclaimed best friend was rushed to the emergency room and was in such a bad condition (as all her texts and pictures and gasps were trying to convey), it made me wonder how truly dire the situation was. Only after all these events did I start to question what was going on. More than anything, if Tamra was truly concerned about Vicki, as she so desperately wanted us all to believe, I would certainly think she wouldn't have stayed and continued drinking at the bar after the fashion show with Fernanda. To me it looked liked the minute cameras went down she was having a good old time and didn't seem too worried about her friend anymore. 

God knows I know about having emergencies due to Jeff being sick and how you don't know when they might happen. However I also know that when things are truly that serious, I sure as hell did not have time to be sending pictures of him laying in the hospital room with his IV and sending updates every two minutes and talking to the press. It would take me a good two hours to even be able to update anyone, because we were so concerned about getting him stable and in a good place.

The most ironic part of all of this is that I am the only one that showed up to the hospital with flowers with no cameras in tow, because that is not what mattered to me. What mattered is that if Vicki was sincerely sick and not OK I wanted her to know that I cared and would show up whether or not she said to come. Do you know how many of my friends have said don't worry about it, no need to come, I'm fine etc. but I did anyways? I did the same with Lynne and Frank when Frank went into the hospital a while back. I'd always do that for my friends, and I even would do it for people who have treated me poorly or never showed up for me when I was in the hospital with Jeff. I think it always means so much to a person when you show up and take the time to show that you do care and you are concerned.  The truth is I am not sorry I had the reaction I did, because it was authentic to my real feelings at the time and based off the information I had. However I know that after I went home and thought about it, I realized that no matter what, I care about people's well being. And if Vicki was truly sick, I wanted her to know I was there for her. Going through watching Jeff being diagnosed to being his full time care-taker and watching him pass right before me is nothing that I ever wish on anyone, even my worst enemy. I decided to go to the hospital to let Vicki know I was sorry if she was sincerely sick, that I cared, and I didn't want her alone in the hospital room, because I know how alone and hard that can feel! By the way, Vicki stayed overnight, checked out fine, and was back to work the next day, so I am glad that she was OK.

As you can tell in the finale episode, I do care about Vicki and her situation. I am extremely sad that she is going through a divorce, and it is affecting her so much. Divorce is very hard, it is very draining, confusing, and emotional, therefore I felt it important that Slade and I both show up and let her know that we cared. I was so proud of Slade for putting his pride aside and deciding to go support not only me but Vicki during her difficult time. Even after all the things she has said about him, I think it showed his character. It was so refreshing to see all of us woman bond together to go help Vicki get out of her funk and come down to the party. Finally a moment where we all could agree, be supportive, and lift each other up. 

My mom, Slade's mom, Robert, and Victor Paul were all with me at the party. It was nice to have them by my side. Vicki's house looked amazing, and fall décor is my favorite, so it made me happy! Until of course the drama started.

I was sad to see Alexis and Peggy get into a heated argument. I think there's something to be said for four years of a friendship. However I sincerely believe there are some deeper issues the woman need to work out before they can work towards repair, if ever. I have heard both sides and feel for both of them and their frustrations. I was devastated when I found out that Peggy and Jim dated, and that Alexis never knew about it. I think that is just wrong. Both Jim and Peggy should have told Alexis as soon as they all started hanging out together, bottom line. That is not something you want to find out four years later from a friend, and after six years of marriage and babies. I sincerely hope they can work out their differences one day. 

Now to the Tamra Jeana fight. To see how things came full circle in this one scene was interesting to me. I guess when they say karma is a bitch, they are right. So many things are addressed subliminally in this episode for me. Unfortunately, Tamra continues to prove she is the one that loves the drama and plays the victim (although constantly puts those titles on others). First and foremost for her to not send the letter by mail to Jeana and keep their issues private makes me realize how desperate Tamra is for camera time. If she was a mature adult she would have sent the documents from her lawyer the way a normal person would. Instead she decides to do exactly what she claims she hated so much that I did to her at her party with the evil eye hat. Tamra disrespects Jeana, all the guests, Vicki, and her home, but most importantly herself with her behavior. She sure can tell everyone else how they are out of line with their behavior at everyone else's parties, but never holds herself accountable to her own standards. 

Bottom line Tamra is a liar, and it couldn't be more obvious in this episode when after she throws the piece of paper in Jeana's face and then continues to be abusive and throws wine in her face. Then she goes running and says to Eddie that Jeana attacked her. What the hell is this girl talking about? This is the definition of someone who is truly crazy! They believe their own lies. Two episodes earlier she is crying to Jeana saying, "I called the cops on Simon, because do you really want my children to believe it is OK for someone to throw something at someone just because they are angry at them?" Yet two episodes later Tamra is doing exactly what she accused Simon of doing. Makes a girl wonder if all those things Tamra wanted us to believe about Simon are true. She is the one being abusive and volatile in this last episode. Maybe she needs to look up the definition of assault and battery, because what she did to Jeana was exactly that! I strongly stand against any partner being abusive in a relationship whether it is physical or verbal, and if they are being abused, they should get out!

Now I couldn't agree more with Tamra being upset about someone getting into someone else's business, because it is just not right. When you see me go over and ask Tamra what the hell just happened (since I didn't see), she goes into a twenty minute saga (which she would normally claim is playing the victim) about Jeana involving herself in her business, her marriage, and talking about her kids. It took everything in me to stay calm, not interrupt her, and hear her out. I honestly felt for her in the moment, because I truly could understand her pain and her hurt.  However, as any normal human being would in that moment, I could not help but wonder if she possibly saw now why I was so hurt?  Or why when she got involved in my business and said things that still to this day have affected me and my family with no remorse at all, why I don't have this overwhelming desire to make amends with her? In that moment I asked her if she now could possibly understand how I have felt for the last two years?  I thought maybe this would be the moment where she saw the light, where she and I could really connect and make amends. Hopefully she could say in a moment of humility, "OMG, you're right, I am so sorry now for doing this to you, now I understand why you were so upset!" 

But to my disappointment she just went right over it, ignored my points, and then again confirmed at the reunion that she sees no similarities in these situations and still has no remorse for what happened. When that happened, I knew all hope was lost of ever being able to make amends. How can a person not see the similarities, when they are so blatantly pointed out to them, when it is so black and white? You will see during the reunion show that she says the situations were different, and she is right. Jeana actually did know Simon and Tamra, spent a lot of time with the two of them, and knew about their situation to some degree. So when Jeana was asked if she had ever seen signs of Tamra being in an abusive relationship, Jeana answered honestly and from a place of personal experience with them. The difference is clear here. Tamra never even met Jeff, never saw us together or interact, barely knew me at that time, never knew anything about our relationship, and never had met the guy that called her in the middle of the night. Yet she claims she had every right to have an opinion, make false accusations, claim I was being paid by Jeff, that I was a gold-digger, and continuously inserted herself into my situation. Again just proves my point that she is the definition of crazy! She has now done it again by going out and making accusations about Slade and his situation as a father, when she has never met Grayson, never spent time with Slade and his son, does not have knowledge about his monthly child support payments, never met the mother of Grayson, but is now once again claiming she reached out to her to get involved in our business! Why is it that everyone seems to call Tamra? Weird, huh? Obviously people know she is the one that is willing to get involved and say and do anything with no regard as to how someone might be affected. 

When sitting in the interview chair, as we all know, we are asked our opinion of how someone has treated us or the situations that we have been in with them. I don't just go around talking about Tamra, most people end up asking me about her and how the relationship is, and obviously I have not been treated very well by her, so I have answered those questions based on my experience, not just because I decided to wake up and be a mean girl for no reason. Unfortunately because of the issues between us and how they have became a national topic of conversation due to the show, I can't do an interview or press without being asked how our relationship is, and why I have come to the conclusions I have about her. I'd rather not discuss her, but it's part of the gig of being on this show. Not to mention that almost every episode Tamra seems to be in the middle of the drama, and we are asked to discuss the episode, so it is inevitable that she will be discussed. I have never been a mean girl and don't plan on starting now. However as I stated before, I will not allow people who have treated me poorly in the past to continue to walk all over me, I will stand up and fight back! 

A lot of you have been asking for an update on Slade and I and to address all the rumors about an engagement etc. No engagement as of yet, but what I can tell you is that we are extremely happy, content, and in love! He is my partner in every aspect of my life, and I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I thank all of you who support our love and our relationship. We obviously have external factors that create issues, but I have hope and pray we can work through them. I also want to thank everyone who continues to pray for Grayson and his condition. He sincerely needs those prayers every day. He is not getting better at this point, and it has been very difficult on everyone involved. We have had such an overwhelming response to the charity event we were planning for July 14th, that we have decided to move it out to a further date to be determined. Since it has gotten so big, we are looking for more sponsors and have to get permits to expand the venue into the parking lot of the Victor Paul Salon! If you are interested in attending please look for updates on my site, Facebook, and Twitter.

I really want to say thank you to everyone that has been so supportive over these past three seasons as I continue to share all of my life with you, the good, the bad, and the ugly. It is hard to share every aspect of my life at times, but it has taught me a lot about myself, what I want to change or make better, what I like most about myself and my life, and what I truly stand for. I am grateful for that. I am grateful for the challenges and heartache at times, because it has built character and strength in me that I didn't even know I had. I am constantly getting asked questions about my hair, my make-up looks, and my fashion, so I wanted to let you guys know of a few people that helped me look my best this season. Hasti Kashfia helped style some of the great looks I wore this season, which included many looks from the amazing designer Azadeh Couture ( Thank you Hasti, Azadeh, and her team for making me always look great for the many events and red carpets I did this season. Thank you to my dear friend and amazing hair stylist Victor Paul, who always makes my hair color and style look amazing! Visit to make an appointment. Although I love my make-up and think I know how to apply it pretty well, sometimes having someone else apply it makes it even better! Karina from Flawless Faces did my make-up for many of my interviews this season and some of the bigger Housewife events (visit her at for an appointment as well). Heather Gerber from Tantalizing Tan always makes my skin look great with her amazing technique for the perfect tan! (visit to make an appointment.)

On a personal note my businesses continue to grow and expand as I continue to work hard and make them better. I am thrilled about a new partnership I have engaged in with a large company that approached me from New York to take the Gretchen Christine Brand to the next level! My dreams of expanding this collection into all things you can find in your closet are one step closer. I am excited for the new collections that we will be offering under the Gretchen Christine brand, including a new handbag collection coming soon. It looks like we will be expanding to shoes next! Shop NBC has invited me back and some other home shopping networks as well, so be sure to follow me on Twitter (@gretchenrossi) and Facebook ( to find out details of when and where we will be offering these collections. There is so much in store for the fans and the customers as we continue to listen to your requests and suggestions. I feel so blessed to be working in the spaces of fashion and beauty and that I love so much and have such a passion for. I love working and being a woman entrepreneur, I love empowering woman to go after their dreams and goals! Speaking of that did everyone see that fellow Housewife Bethenny Frankel was on the cover of Forbes magazine! I was so happy and proud for her when I saw that! Congrats to her for all her hard work paying off and being recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs! What an honor! 

Most recently my fans and customers have been requesting to know how I get my glowing California tan! So I am excited to announce that we have expanded my beauty collection to now include my very own Gretchen Christine Tanning Solution! Currently the aerosol tanning cans are available on my site and soon we will be making the one gallon solution available so you can take it to your local airbrush tanning salon for them to use this one of kind formula! It is an amazing formula, and I can't wait for you all to try it. You are going to love your glow! 

For those of you that have followed my website, my beauty blog, my health and fitness tips, my personal blog, shopped on, received orders, sent tweets, Facebook messages, or emails to my "Ask Gretchen" section or, I wanted to personally thank you for your support and being great customers! Love you guys! You keep me motivated to bring you the best product at affordable prices and all the best tips and tricks I have learned through my blogs.

I will be making an appearance at Liquid Pool on Fourth of July weekend in Vegas, so come visit me there! I will be continuing to make appearances across the country as well (follow me to find out when and where), and I look forward to meeting the fans in all of those locations! As many of you heard, I will also be working with the Pussycat Dolls in the next few months and performing at their new burlesque lounge in Planet Hollywood Las Vegas, so I hope you come visit! 

I am so excited for the next chapter of my life to unfold. I don't know what is in store -- marriage, babies, more business ventures, more Real Housewives of Orange County, singing and dancing opportunities, or more hosting gigs. But what I do know is that I am ready and open for almost anything to come my way! Love you guys! 


Gretchen Christine

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