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Dinner Party Drama

Peggy expresses her disappointment with Alexis and Jim.

By Peggy Tanous

Hello, RHOC viewers! I can't believe it is already May. Spring is here!

How to Watch

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This was a really fun episode to watch for me and Micah, because it showcases our dinner party! Every year we like to host a chef's wine paired dinner, and this year we invited all the 'Wives. We were lucky enough to have Susan Feniger and her business partner Mary Sue from Border Grill cook for us! You viewers only saw a small glimpse of our tasting with Susan, but the dinner party shows you all the delicious and creative dishes we came up with together to marry Micah's desire for a more formal steakhouse feel and Susan's Latin cuisine. I think all our guests were very happy. I know we were!

Before the party actually starts you see Micah working with our friend and florist Susan Lotter! Unfortunately you didn't get to meet her. She did such an amazing job with the flowers, vases with swimming fish, ivy wrapped chandeliers with hanging crystals, beautiful candles, and the table setting! You can check out her work at Between her creative work, the lighting, and the fireplace, I thought it was such a beautiful and romantic setting! Next you see me getting my makeup and hair done. My friend, Lori, has been doing my makeup for over ten years. We met on a job when I was modeling for Mercedes Benz, and she is now one of my best friends! She is an amazing make-up artist. Check her work out at

We also see Gretchen before the party getting her hair done, and Victor asking her about marrying Slade. I have to say Gretchen and Slade have a really cute chemistry, but I think Gretchen is being smart when it comes to marrying Slade. Marriage is work everyday, and life throws stress at us constantly, so each individual should have any problems or legal issues they may have worked out before entering into a marriage.

Now on to my guests arriving. When Alexis arrives and I ask her where Jim is, she got very defensive and annoyed. I really didn't know the reason Jim was not at our party, and we are on a TV show, so I had to ask where he was since you viewers would also be wondering. At first she said he was busy with work. I thought for him to not personally call me or Micah when we had all been friends for the past four years and have always come to each other's events was very rude. And to miss your so called good friends' event just because you don't like two guests coming is immature. Then later at the party Alexis changes her story and says he was out of town. What bothered me was the fact they knew about the dinner for over a month, and I've never known Jim to go out of town without Alexis, let alone have work on a Saturday night out of town. It was obvious they were not being honest. I was also annoyed because she brought her friend, or as she likes to call him, her assistant. At the table her assistant said Jim was at a client dinner. Get your stories straight people! Gretchen also brought her friend, and I didn't know either one of these people. Gretchen and Alexis could have come together, and I would have been happy to invite another couple!

As you could see, we had a very romantic setting. Most everyone was coupled up, and I had live, beautiful music, so I get that Alexis missed Jim, but to leave the table throughout the entire five courses served was ridiculous. Gretchen didn't have Slade with her, but she didn't cause a ridiculous scene. There was obviously something more going on. You don't cry and freak out like that unless something really bad is going on. In my opinion they had a major fight earlier in the night. It was rude and selfish for Alexis to behave that way. If I was upset with Micah and having a hard time being without him, I would excuse myself and go home. She said I didn't have her back, and that I kicked her while she is down. How is that? Maybe if she explained to me what really was going on, I could have been more empathetic, but I was hosting a party and couldn't spend all my time in the bathroom making her feel better. I nicely went to the bathroom door after she had been gone from the table over thirty minutes to ask her if we should start dinner without her and tell her she should pull it together or go home to Jim. She was holding up the entire party. Perhaps this was her way to cause drama or get a lot of camera time that night. Funny it was during my event. Our friendship had already changed just before we started filming, but I kept thinking it would go back to normal. Alexis made a comment that I should have been happy she was there and not care about Jim. I was happy she was there until she got out of hand and disrupted my entire party. And I was upset about Jim, because I kept telling her I felt they changed since I joined the show, and when he blew off our party, Micah and I both felt it was another sign of them blowing off the friendship.

As for all the other drama occurring during the night, I thought it was very rude for Gretchen's assistant to say Tamra found Eddie off an escort site. And I was sad to see Donn and Vicki getting upset with each other about not having kids. It appears they had problems when they got married, and now they blame each other. I did feel bad for Donn, because he was trying to apologize.

As for the amazing music during my dinner party, my dear friend and two time cancer survivor, Jessy Kyle, flew out from Philadelphia to entertain us for the evening. She is such a beautiful person inside and out, and her music radiates that! I truly feel she can be the next Sade! You can check out her music at

Thanks for all your continued support! And as promised, I finally have the products I personally take for my baby blues (among my other supplements) available on! Don't forget to also follow me on Twitter @peggytanous and like my fan page on Facebook

Make sure to tune in next week when I do a very sexy photo shoot to surprise my honey for his birthday. Make it a great week! Health, happiness, light, and love!

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