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Getting Ugly

Peggy comments on her first season, the big fight, and her confrontation with Alexis.

By Peggy Tanous

I can't believe we are already at the final episode. I'm so sad to be saying goodbye. Thanks for all your support and kind words this season and for reading my blogs! Hopefully Bravo wants another season of The Real Housewives of Orange County and invites my family back for another round of fun and games. Be sure to speak up and let them know if you want us back!

How to Watch

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This episode starts off with everyone getting ready for Vicki's fall party. First we see Vicki getting ready at her house. It was hard to watch this, since I know how hard this day was for her. I felt so bad for her. She had all her make-up done and then would start crying again. I do want to say Vicki's make-up artist gave her a great tip! When I have swollen eyes I use Preparation H. It really works! When Tamra arrives and stays with Vicki upstairs, I think we can see Tamra is a good friend to her and really supported her in a time of need! Tamra just went through a similar situation, so it's nice they can relate to one another about going through a divorce.

OK, watching this episode I realize I definitely did not need to be wearing a push up bra with that dress! Holy smokes! And as some of you might be able to tell, I definitely had a few cocktails! The party was decorated so beautifully with all the fall trees and colors. You can see how great Micah and I get along with Tamra and Eddie throughout the day.

Let's move to my talk with Alexis. I laughed when Alexis said in her interview she doesn't want a friendship where she's walking on eggshells. She said every time she sees me there is an issue, but the camera doesn't lie. Every time Alexis and I were together she was trying to compete, one up me, interrupt me, speak over me, make mean and rude jabs at me, and just not be a true friend. Alexis runs from the truth and dances around talking about the real issues. I should have known trying to talk to her again would not get me anywhere, but I don't like to give up. She was so different all year, and I was just trying to understand why.

I had brought up the lip comment, because I let it slide in Texas and was sick of letting Alexis be so rude to me all year and not confronting her about it. I wanted to give her another opportunity to explain why our friendship had changed so drastically. Watching the episode back I see Alexis dances around my questions and tries to turn everything around on me, so I just gave up. I realized that beyond her not wanting me on the show, I think that the real issue eating away at her all year was that Jim and I hung out when I was in my 20s. I understand this would have been uncomfortable at first, but it was so long ago and so casual and insignificant, I wish she could have talked to me about it or moved past it rather than attack me over it. Regardless of all that, I think we are just very different people now and at different places in our lives!

Now let's talk about Jeana. Ricky and I went to talk to her, because we knew how upset she was making Tamra by continuing to go to the press. Looking back I should have kept to myself like I normally do, but I was trying to be the peace maker. I knew Tamra was coming to the party with a letter from her attorney, and I was hoping to be the buffer for them, so they could avoid legal issues. Boy was I wrong. When I called Tamra over and Jeana started making snide comments, I knew it might get ugly. Tamra threw the wine on Jeana because Jeana threatened to throw her in the pool. Then my girlfriend Mishel came up to defend Tamra and help her if Jeana tried to push her in the pool, and she got the drink that was meant for Tamra thrown at her. From there people were pushing each other and throwing drinks like crazy. Thank goodness when it all started Micah swooped in like Superman, pulled me aside, and I avoided all the chaos. I couldn't believe Jeana ran to her house and called Simon. That is so high school. It was sad such a beautiful party turned into craziness.

Well, that day was such a blur at this point I don't have anything to add. The end of my first season! Hopefully there's a Season 7 in our future! Now you can all look forward to our reunion episodes. There will be laughter, crying, and of course yelling.

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