Worth the Wait

Worth the Wait

Peggy weighs in on all the drama and hopes you're ready to meet her next week.

After months of filming and waiting, Season 6 is finally airing! I'm sure you all are just as disappointed as I am that you didn't get to meet me tonight! But hey, it keeps you guessing. I promise I'm worth the wait!

Now for my thoughts on tonight's show. I loved it! I was happy to see Tamra moving forward with her life and taking the high road with Gretchen. She really made an effort to start fresh. Unfortunately it wasn't reciprocated. I'm still hoping that on-going feud will one day end!

It was fun to see Alexis with her kids, because I go through those same struggles everyday having a three year old and twenty month old. I'm familiar with the constant not wanting to share toys and both kids wanting mom's attention at the same time.

It was interesting that Alexis and Gretchen had an argument. I think they both were a little dramatic about such a small issue. I was proud of Gretchen for standing up for herself. I can't say I agree with her comments or attitude towards Tamra. You have learn to let things go.

I was laughing at Vicki and Donn moving furniture and bickering. They reminded me of Adrienne and Paul from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It's sad Vicki said they were doing better, but now we know that changes.

All in all, this episode shows we are in for a fun season and a lot of interesting changes, parties, traveling, and drama! Just what you all love!

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