In Recovery

In Recovery

Alexis shares how surreal it was to watch her surgery and wishes her fans a Happy Easter.

Hello everyone! I have had a crazy schedule lately, so I'm sorry I missed blogging last episode! I'm glad I did though, because this week church really put things in perspective for me.

It is so easy for me to lash out after seeing an episode where hateful accusations are made about me and hurtful words are thrown around. I've openly admitted that it is difficult sometimes for me to keep my mouth shut after watching one of those episodes, especially after getting beat up. But when it's all said and done, I have to answer to Him one day, and when the day comes that I stand before Him, I want to look back and know that I did everything I could to please Him. Easter is next week, and THAT is what is important.

I debated whether or not I should even watch Episode 7, knowing I was about to see myself unconscious under the knife. However, my curiosity overruled the rest of me, and I sat on the chair with a pillow over my face, gasping and groaning through each part of the surgery. It's THE most surreal experience I've ever had. . .watching Dr. Niccole break my nose, watching myself being poked and prodded. ICK! I don't remember anything in this episode, including Jim wheeling me out of the surgery center or arriving home — so it almost seems like it was all a dream. I don't even remember the part where Jim came in and put peas over my eyes, but I have to say that was the cutest thing ever! Are we in 1950 though? Frozen peas for an ice pack instead of the cute pink ice bag I had!?! He totally cracked me up with his comment about telling the kids that dinner was on Mommy's face! That's hilarious! Jim can think of the funniest things to say in difficult moments. He was so great throughout my recovery -- always checking in on me, bringing me soup, keeping the kids calm around, laying around watching movies with me, bringing me magazines, cracking jokes whenever possible, which reminded me that laughter truly is the best medicine. He is the love of my life and my best friend! Thanks for putting up with me babe.

If you think watching the surgery was bad, I wish you could have been there the 10 days following the surgery, which seemed more like 10 years! It was a nightmare! I'm very thankful now that I did it, but I sure was regretting it those 10 days. I couldn't have made it through it without Boo-Boo.

Everyday I get questions on Twitter and Facebook asking if I am happy with the results. Yes! I love that my bump is gone, but I love it even more that I can breathe! When all the swelling went down and I actually could appreciate my nose all healed up, it was like breathing for the first time! For all of you who have asked if I would recommend it, if a doctor has told you that you need it, the answer is yes! Listen to your doctor, get the surgery, and you will be so glad after the recovery. Just don't message me until after the recovery, LOL!

It was great to see Gretchen, she definitely helped make my day. She came on day five, so I was stir crazy by that point. I had to wear that silly mask because I didn't want to gross her out with the bandages on my nose.

Right when I thought I passed the point of pain and was so excited to get my cast removed, and I came to realize the past ten days of pain was just the warm up! OWZERS! That pain was comparable to actually breaking a bone! You can't really mentally prepare for a "pain in the face"! And I loved the makeup smearing down the side of my eyes from tears! That was marvelous.

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Mother Effer Hurts A Lot!

Call me crazy, but am I the only person who can't quite understand why someone would take a helicopter to L.A., which is only 45 minutes from O.C.? It kind of seems like driving to the mailbox! All the extras you have to do, like headache of driving to the hangar, going through security, flying in the helicopter, landing, then getting in a car to go to your destination would take about three hours, when if you simply get in your car and drive, you are in L.A. in 45 minutes. . .with your hair and makeup intact! And if gas prices for cars are what they are right now, I can only imagine what "copter fuel" is going for! But to each their own.

What a relief to know that Briana is OK and cancer-free. Those days anxiously awaiting the biopsy results had to be the most difficult thing Vicki and Bri have ever gone through. Any parent's worst fear is their baby being sick. I know Vicki was counting her blessings when the news came back that it was not cancer. Makes my sinus surgery seem like a piece of cake in comparison to someone battling cancer. When you consider there were more than 30 tumors found, I think Briana nailed it when she said you just don't have that and not expect it to be cancer, so I am thrilled that they got the surprise of their lifetimes. The whole experience reminds us to be grateful for what we have and never take anything for granted.

Vicki taking care of Bri was the funniest part of that episode. Overbearing, but full of love! You could tell all Bri wanted to do was sleep and all Vicki wanted to do was talk to her daughter. Vicki may as well of pitched a tent on the floor, because I'm sure Bri's phone rang all day with her mom checking in.

Thank goodness those women marked a "mud-run" off my bucket list before I ever put it on my list! I think I'll stay on this side of the pig pen rather than get mud in my eyes, twist an ankle, or break a finger! Thanks girls for verifying my decision that I never want to do that in my lifetime. Hehe.

Great news -- my Black Braid maxi is FINALLY back in stock! Can you believe it? YAY! Thank you for being patient with that! Be sure to join me on twitter @AlexisBellino and Facebook at Alexis Bellino Verified Profile for spring sales I'll be run on my collections!

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. What would life be if Jesus hadn't died for our sins? This is one of my favorite holidays, spring is here, and it's egg huntin' time! My kids keep reminding me that the Easter bunny is going to leave a rabbit trail out of cotton balls. . .so don't forget to do it! I've been doing this for the kids since they could walk, and last year the fans on Twitter all said their kiddos went nuts for it! Love you all.

Keep Believing,

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