Feeling Hopeful

Feeling Hopeful

Heather shares her desires for the other ladies and her acting career.

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and spent lots of special family time! The weather has warmed up in California -- feels like summer is on its way!

I was very flattered that Slade asked me to go ring shopping! Gretchen and Slade have been together for over three years and it seems like the obvious next step.

I was a little concerned to hear that Gretchen's dad was not completely on board with the idea of them getting engaged right now, but Gretchen is an adult and can make her own decisions. We had a lot of fun looking at all of the different options, so much bling!

When we finally found the "rock" that was perfect for Gretchen, I was thrilled. Slade threw me for a loop (no pun intended) when he suggested a fake stone. I tried to steer him away from that idea. The truth is, they love each other and, as Slade said, the ring is a symbol. The size of the ring isn't relevant; just opening your heart and making that commitment is the key. I like Slade a lot, and I know how much he loves Gretchen. I was hopeful this would work out.

Then, talk about being between a "rock" and a hard place? (again no pun intended). I had no idea when Gretchen said she was going to pop by that we were about to have THIS conversation.

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Slade's Debt is Holding Them Back

She and Slade do not seem like they are on the same page. I would never tell her about my shopping trip with Slade -- not appropriate. I tried to convey that they may be on different tracks. We had a long and heartfelt conversation about their relationship and their future together. I care about Gretchen a lot, and I know she has been down this road before. It's clear the two of them need to go to a counselor and figure out the logistics of their relationship.

It was really nice to see my relationship with Gretchen onscreen. Terry and I really like Gretchen and Slade so we are pulling for them to work this out.

Tamra at Terry's office: so funny! Those two crack me up! Poor Tamra and her stomach! I know she didn't expect to be so nervous. Amazing how emotions can sneak up on you.

I know Eddie has always been bothered about her tattoo. I'm sure it's not good for a man's ego to have their lady's ex permanently etched into her skin. So, I hope Eddie is ready! He said he would put a ring on it! I'm glad Tamra is of the mind that she needs a commitment (i.e. ring) before they move in together and go to the next step.

Tamra and Eddie's dinner at the Train restaurant (BTW, a little freaked out by the train. . .but strangely obsessed with going there now) -- I loved their conversation. I thought they were both honest, open, and real. This is a couple that seems ready to face the challenges ahead. I'm excited and nervous for them. Terry and I have become very close to Tamra and Eddie. We want this to work out for them. They deserve it! (BTW, Tamra's finger healed BEAUTIFULLY and there is now a gorgeous ring on it!)

It was very difficult to watch Vicki and Briana fight. It makes me think of my kids and what lies ahead. The truth is they love each other so much and they are worried that the other is making bad decisions. I'm really fond of Vicki, and I'm so glad that she is happy with Brooks. Briana is her daughter, though. It's human nature for her to be cautious and concerned for her.

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Briana vs Vicki

Canada, hardly knew ya. Well, I didn't get the role. At the end if the day, it was not the perfect situation for my family anyway. So, at least the decision was taken out of my hands. I was definitely a little relieved. I am so lucky to have a husband that I can share all of these emotions with and not be judged. Terry is my biggest fan and supporter. I am very grateful for all that I have. I am also confident that when the right role comes along -- it will be that much sweeter.

I will be on Watch What Happens Live next week on Tuesday, May 22, at 11 pm with two amazing guys -- Andy Cohen and my buddy, Dr. Oz.

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