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Lydia Should Put Herself in My Shoes

Alexis wishes Lydia could be more understanding of her position, and feels compassion for Tamra's difficult patches.

By Alexis Bellino

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! It was hard to get going today. I have to admit. I think we celebrated the three day weekend to its fullest. A big thank you to all the military and their families for the sacrifice they make for our country. MUAH!

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I missed last week's blog, so you get a two-fer this week!

I loved watching Terry take care of the kids while Heather was working! It was so cute and he did very well! Applause. Applause. I always love coming home after Jim's had the kids alone for a day. . .He looks at me (in exhaustion) with such admiration while he pours a glass of wine and kicks his feet up! Hehe. It isn't easy being a mom, and it's good for the hubbies to realize what work goes into even the simplest day of running the home! Heather and Terry's parenting differences definitely resonate with me. Jim and I have the same struggles at times.

I thought Heather did really well on Hot in Cleveland. Saying of the year: "I'll cut you like bad bangs." Hilarious!

Heather in Her Element

Gretchen and Slade should have just excused themselves from attending Heather's performance at all. Do we even know what they were on the phone about? If it were really important I feel they should tell Heather what it was. That could help hurt feelings.

Lauri is introduced back into the group this episode, and this should be interesting! I'm so happy her children have all grown up to be wonderful young adults. She did something right as a mom, so I need to take notes! It's incredible that Josh is married and doing so well! Kudos to him.

All About Vicki

Taking acting classes is so much fun! I love my coaches, RJ and Rob, at The Actors Workshop. Their school is top-notch and they have both helped me immensely. My guest role on General Hospital ignited a passion inside me. The feeling and energy "on-set" is indescribable. I am not one to let life pass me by without going after my dreams! I am no Angelina Jolie, but I am working on my craft and having fun doing it!

We continue to see Vicki and Brooks struggle with their relationship. It is very complicated, and I can sympathize with Brooks and Vicki's positions. It was adorable watching Briana and Ryan get ready for the ball. They both looked so gorgeous, and it was good to see them getting a night out. . .and Vicki is the cutest grandma ever!

When Lydia and I met for coffee, I really didn't expect her to keep asking me to be the one to reach out. It's frustrating, and I truly don't feel she is putting herself in my shoes. By the time we filmed this, we had known each other for quite a few months. We'd had many serious talks, and we had hung out on several occasions, and I feel she should have a better understanding of the dynamic between the girls and me. It's not necessary that she agrees with me, but I had hoped she would respect my decision and support me, whether it's the same choice she would have made or not.

Tamra's speech was shocking and eye-opening. It doesn't excuse her behavior, but it definitely helps me understand her. None of us have had a "perfect" upbringing. We have all have experiences from our past which explain certain behaviors we have. It's how we handle these behaviors that determine and mold our character.

Keynote Speaker Tamra Barney

When I decided to attempt Skyaerobics, I sure didn’t expect it to take my breath away in the first two minutes! I run five miles like it's no problem, but jumping for two minutes kicks my tush! Anthony was a little intimidating, but he has had YEARS of training, so I had to keep reminding myself of that. If only I could eliminate my fear factor so I could ATTEMPT to flip. . .um, nah, not going to happen! It was such a fun class though, and I think anyone bored of their current workouts should give it a try!

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