Lauri Waring Peterson

Viewers have followed Lauri Peterson since Season 1 of The Real Housewives of Orange County, seeing her transition from a struggling single mom to a bride at her fairytale wedding to a fairytale life style with her Prince Charming and third husband, George Peterson. Lauri is living the life of a privileged South Orange County wife -- lavish dinners, horseback riding at sunset, massage dates with her husband, who is a successful Orange County real estate developer. And, Lauri never fails to flaunt it. During a private shopping party with the housewives, she pulls out her black American Express card, proudly announcing it's a gift from George. Yes, she leads a privileged life, but not all is perfect. Lauri reveals that 45 days after coming out of rehab, her son, Josh, has slipped back to his old ways of drug use. He's been picked up for possession and possible intent to sell. It's tearing Lauri up because she finally realizes the depth of Josh's illness and just how helpless she is -- "I can't fix Josh, I can love and support him when he recovers, but I can't fix him." Although difficult, she admits that it's time for her to pull back. These days Lauri is spending more time with her other kids and is focused on trying to be a good mom and step mom. Lauri is haunted by regret, wondering if only she could go back in time to when Josh was three. Maybe she could have changed things for him. It may be too late for Josh, but perhaps she can make a positive difference with her other kids.