Lydia Loves Her Mother

Lydia Loves Her Mother

Lydia shares why she wants her mother to quit smoking pot and discusses how Heather and Alexis are more alike than they think.

I thought this episode was full of ups and downs for me. It was cool to see Heather pursue her acting dreams, and the joy she portrays when she is working. It was difficult to watch the scene with my mother and I. We actually sat down and watched it together, which helped but also was hard to do. The episode was like a roller coaster but I'm glad its over. . .until next week.

We see Lauri come back into the mix. She has so much history with Don and Simon and George and all these people. . .I had no idea that all their ties run so deep. It was interesting to hear about her family and see photos of her children and hear what they are doing with their lives. It seems Tamra and her have a real connection. It is sad to see how they both have issues with Vicki. Hopefully they all talk it out and have some resolution.

The scene with my mom is a very hard scene to watch and even comment on. I don't want viewers thinking my mom was, or is, a bad mother. She is the greatest mom and I love her. We are very close and one day I hope to have the kind of relationship I have with her with my own children. She is my best friend and biggest cheerleader. I talk to her everyday and rely on her so much. . .probably too much for a 32 year old! Hey, we are Italian!

Lydia's First Memory of Her Mom

Her smoking is the one area of conflict in our relationship. Growing up, it was a source of tension. Once I left the home and became an adult, it really became a moot issue and we stopped fighting about it. However, once she moved across the street, and I had children, I started to get an opinion about it again. I am coming from a place of love. I want my mother around to see my kids grow up. My boys adore her and if she could get even get one extra day with them if she stopped smoking, I will fight for that. She has a cough that worries me. I want her healthy and happy and I think that can happen. I don't think I am being judgmental or telling her what to do. I have an opinion and I am letting her know what it is. I am not saying she is a horrible mother or a bad person for smoking. I am simply telling her my concerns. I am clearly frustrated but this is a complex issue full of years of drama. At the end of the day, I love my mother.

This whole episode really focuses on Heather and her Hot in Cleveland gig. I love seeing the growth of Terry as well in his "father" role. A few episodes ago he said he wasn't a hands on dad -- and look at him now! Yay! I love seeing a man involved in his family. He really stepped up to the plate for Heather and it is encouraging to see. My husband, Doug is a very hands on dad and it makes having a family function a lot smoother when the man is involved. It's a win win for everybody!

I think it is cool to see the juxtaposition between Heather who is working and, Alexis who is perfecting her craft as well. They both are in different stages in the acting game, and it shows no matter what stage you are in, it takes hard work, passion, and dedication. Maybe Alexis and Heather have more in common then they thought?

The dinner celebrating Heather was a lot of fun. It was uplifting to see her and Terry encouraging and supporting each other. The vibe at the table was full of celebration and excitement. We all laughed a lot and were having a great time. However, Tamra and Vicki are sitting next to each other and you could feel the tension. I wanted them to talk it out and resolve their issues. It is obvious that there is a lot of unspoken hurt between these ladies. It is also evident to me, on the flipside, that there is a lot of love and friendship lost. Talking about it and having it all in the open is a good start to moving on. Hopefully they can get back to having fun and celebrating life together. I'm pretty good at that, so maybe I can help them.

You Only Live Once. . .

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