GIF Recap: The Infamous Email

GIF Recap: The Infamous Email

Shannon confronts Heather and Tamra apologizes to Shannon. All because of an email!


This week's episode starts off on a dramatic note: Shannon headed to Tamra's house to discuss an email David sent her about moving out of the house. (Eek!) In the middle of chatting about the email, Shannon got a text saying Heather somehow knew about the email. But Shannon only told Tamra! And Tamra swore she didn't tell Heather. More on this later...


For now, enjoy Vicki gagging down a protein shake.


Yes, Shannon, we can get to your issue -- Shannon attempted to quash the middle man by going directly to the source: Heather's house. 


Heather was pleasantly surprised to see Shannon as she thought she was there to apologize for raising her voice at her at her dinner party. Umm, not exactly.


Shannon tried to get to the bottom of what happened and things went awry -- very awry. Heather didn't admit to anything and ended up kicking Shannon out of the house, which is something Shannon says she would never do.


Meanwhile, Vicki prepped for her Mexican vacation with Brooks...


The little couple that could enjoyed lovely couple-y things like strolls on the beach, matching massages and becoming one with the Puerto Vallarta wildlife.


Tamra's still trying to convince Eddie that having a baby is a good idea. What better way to prove that point than by renting a robot baby?


As Tamra so tactfully pointed out, yes, it has #babyballs!


They named him Astro. Looks just like his parents!


Shannon invited Lizzie and Danielle over for some more holistic healing, this time focusing on essential oils. After Danielle makes a comment about Shannon's drinking, Shannon suggests Danielle get her own special blend.


While all that was going on, this was happening in Mexico.


Tamra and Shannon agreed to have a dinner together to sort the whole email situation out. Like all good meals, this one started with chips.


Tamra felt geuninely sorry that she did tell Heather about the email. (Oops!)


But sometimes sorry is not enough. Shannon was pretty shocked. 


It might take a while to repair this one. Seems like Tamra has really seen what telling someone something you shouldn't can do, and Shannon's going to have an even harder time trusting the O.C. ladies from now on.

We'll have to see how this shakes out. In the meantime, keep your emails to yourself!

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