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Dance Like No One Is Watching

S14/EP7 |
Aired: September 17, 2019
Gina meets with a new lawyer about her DUI. Then, the ladies travel to a wellness resort in Miraval, Arizona. At a sound bath, Kelly bonks Shannon over the head which leads to an unexpected trip to Urgent Care. 44:24

Family Affair

S14/EP6 |
Aired: September 10, 2019
Emily is threatened by Gina’s growing friendship with Shannon. Tamra and Shannon coach Vicki on how to deal with Kelly on their upcoming trip to Arizona. Gina is frustrated by Emily’s repeated efforts to convince her to join the Vegas trip. 44:24

Liar, Liar, Friendships on Fire

S14/EP5 |
Aired: September 3, 2019
Shannon surprises the group with tourist clothes and a double decker bus ride through Hollywood. Tamra confronts Braunwyn about communicating with her enemies. Gina misses a court appearance and a warrant is issued for her arrest. 44:24

Breakdown in Beverly Hills

S14/EP4 |
Aired: August 27, 2019
Shannon plans a group day trip so Gina can visit Rodeo Drive for the first time. While in Beverly Hills, Emily breaks down about personal issues. Shannon and Emily argue over a radio interview and talks about an ugly rumor leads Kelly to explode. 44:24

All Aboard the Rumor Train

S14/EP3 |
Aired: August 20, 2019
As Tamra’s housewarming party continues, Kelly’s tear-filled exit prompts the other women to air their grievances. Gina confesses a painful secret to Emily. Shannon and Braunwyn cement their friendship. 44:24

(Not So Happy) Housewarming

S14/EP2 |
Aired: August 13, 2019
Brauwnyn and Sean spend Valentine’s day at their love shack, while her mom watches their seven kids. Tamra invites the ladies to her housewarming party and warns Kelly that Vicki will be there. 44:24

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The Real Housewives of Orange County

Next on RHOC: Rumors and Rodeo Drive

S14/EP4 Kelly Dodd finds out about the latest rumor that's being spread, and the ladies head to LA for some retail therapy.