Bonus! The Potomac 'Wives Give Their Reunion Predictions

Bonus! The Potomac 'Wives Give Their Reunion Predictions

We catch up with the star players of #RHOP to hear their predictions on their biggest game of the season: the reunion. 

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What Are the RHOP Ladies' Predictions For Reunion Drama?

The next stop on the Road to the Potomac Reunion? A forecast of what's to come, predicted by the Housewives themselves. Throughout the season we've witnessed a crazy combination of battles between the ladies: Gizelle and Monique, Charrisse and Karen, Robyn and Ashley. There's much to hash out, like what's the deal with Karen's move to Great Falls? How are Robyn and Juan? Will we see another finger-in-face moment? 

In their pre-game predictions, the ladies foresee lots of drama to come. The beautiful Gizelle Bryant anticipates that "Robyn won't scream at me... but everyone else will... all at once." Talk about a showdown. But it won't all be accusations and feuds; there is much to clear up as well. Grand Dame Karen Huger forecasts that "People will see clearly what's happening. All the smoking screens will go away." A combo of clarity, drama, and glam is our prediction for this reunion, but we think Charrisse put it best by saying, "I just know it'll be coo-coo for coco puffs." Check out the video above to hear for yourself the ladies' reunion expectations.

Be sure to tune into the Reunion Part 1 Sunday at 8/9c!

Your First Look at the Real Housewives of Potomac Reunion
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