Charrisse Jackson-Jordan

A dedicated mother of two teenagers — Jackson, 18 and Skylar, 16 — Charrisse has a reputation that precedes her in the elite Potomac social circle. Maintaining an extensive network both inside and outside of Potomac, Charrisse prides herself on being a dependable friend and confidant. When her packed schedule allows, she loves to shop, socialize, and travel. Well known to throw extravagant parties and events, Charrisse is the ultimate social butterfly who connects the Who's Who of the DC area. Her passion is giving back and she has proudly raised millions for charity based organizations. 

Charrisse has been married to NBA player-turned-coach Eddie Jordan for 19 years. The past few years have been challenging living separate as Charrisse worked diligently to keep her family unit together. The past year took a turn and Charrisse had to face the demise of her marriage. Eddie currently resides in New Jersey while Charrisse and the children live in Potomac. Charrisse tackles any obstacle that comes her way with dignity and grace. Her number one priority has always been and will always be her children, as she is determined to be there for them 150% . . . no nannies, period.