Gizelle Loves a Good Gift, Even Karen's "Petty" Etiquette Lesson

Gizelle Loves a Good Gift, Even Karen's "Petty" Etiquette Lesson

How does Gizelle Bryant feel about Karen Huger's gift that was "petty, unnecessary, poor etiquette, and bad judgement?"; Not bothered. 

Karen Huger Gives Gizelle Bryant a Lesson in Etiquette What is the difference between “Gizelle Rules” and Potomac etiquette? 

Gizelle Bryant: I am very well-versed and clear about etiquette. Everyone can see that I was not raised under a rock or a bridge. I've read a couple of posts from Mrs. Emily Post and my mother has raised a lady. HOWEVER, Karen’s/Potomac's rules of etiquette change with the wind and the champagne. If the breeze is blowing and the bubbly is flowing God only knows the rules of Karen.   

#RHOP Etiquette Lesson Number One What were you thinking when you were the first to arrive at Karen’s birthday dinner? Did you realize that Karen was put off at the dinner when she didn’t sit in the middle? 

GB: When I first arrived at Karen's birthday dinner all I could think was where can I buy some friends who know how to tell time. 

My rule number one of etiquette is to be on time. Gizelle is always punctual. I believe that showing up on time is the first sign of class and sophistication. The rest of these ladies might need to readjust their CP clock. Don't waste my time and I won't ever waste yours. Everyone is given a fifteen minute window for lateness. After that, I will proceed to do what I do, drink, and be beautiful.
As the night progressed I had no idea that Karen was upset over her seating arrangements. Karen never ever, ever, ever has an issue commenting, dictating, vocalizing, or screaming anything that she has a problem with. I have seen her take down and demolish the best and the worst of characters. So why have a seating assignment issue with me and stay silent? If it were me and I was the birthday girl, I would have just said, "Girl, get out my seat"..."Can you please slide over?"...or just..."Bitch, MOVE."

Cooking Crabs With a Side of Shade What do you think about Charisse’s comments about bringing your friend to help cook and as you were coming up the hall? Did you foresee this being an issue?  

GB:  I brought Kal with me to help with the crabs because a) He knows how to cook crabs better than me. b) He was my guest - since when don't I get a plus one? c) He makes me laugh and sometimes Charrisse's parties need people who can break the dullness. 

When we are walking down the hall asking Charrisse if she wanted Kal to do her hair I had no clue that I was going to be hit with her sideways, stank response. I just broke a sweat in her kitchen cooking for her guests. I was feeling confusion as to really what her issue could be (emoji face with the big eyes).

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People Come for Karen Huger All the Time Tell us about Karen’s "etiquette lesson" and your confrontation. What were you thinking when Karen gave you her gift? 

GB: Karen says she has a gift for me. One thing Gizelle really loves is a good gift. Now, Karen giving me a gift that was petty, unnecessary, poor etiquette, and bad judgement wasn't a problem for me. Simple put...unbothered! As I examined the gift further it turned out to be all the things that I love....pretty, shiny and a mirror. Please tell me who doesn't like to check their lipstick?!?!?! 

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