Gizelle on Charrise's "Apology Hug": There Is a God

Gizelle on Charrise's "Apology Hug": There Is a God

Gizelle discusses "Little Miss Ashley" confronting her on those THOT comments, and how making-up with Karen and Charrisse was like a GOP debate. Where was your head at going into the tea with Karen? Did you feel your beef was really squashed by the end? 

Gizelle BryantAfter the WWF Smackdown of the lunch that I had with Charrisse and Karen it was safe to say that I was 100 percent over it. However, when Karen called the next day and wanted to meet for tea, I wasn't sure what to expect. I didn't know if I was setting myself up for a Donald Trump, Megyn Kelly battle standoff, or if she was coming barring the Rodney King anthem, "can't we all just get along". Whichever way it was going to go, Gizelle was well rested and ready for a grown woman discussion....and as I clear my throat, we all know who was Donald Trump in this scenario...ok, lets move on. One thing I do respect and admire is when someone admits their faux pas, and apologizes. Karen was big enough to admit her mistakes and because it's extremely difficult for her to admit any wrong doing ever, I know that she means it and of course I'm gracious enough to accept her apology. What were you thinking when Ashley confronted you about your THOT comment? 

GB: Now let me tell you something about Little Miss Ashley. Underneath that big bushy hair of hers is a whole lot of brain cells that actually work. She decided that she wanted to get to know us better and realized that the best way to do it was to get us DRUNK. Please roll in the countless shots of 120 PROOF WHISKEY. Whiskey, yep I said Whiskey....please raise your hand if you want to burn a hole in your chest. So clearly, after the second shot you can barely remember your own name let alone whether or not someone's behavior is inappropriate. Ashley asking me about the comments I made in reference to her THOT-ish behavior was the best thing that she could have ever done in my eyes. It let me know that this 26-year-old was going to drink everybody under the table AND stick up for herself. I called her a THOT and she apologized to me for any behavior that I deemed THOT-ish.  Jeez...I had no choice but to apologize and happy to do, hell I was seven shots in and almost three sheets to the wind. Tell us about squashing your beef with Charrisse at the Whiskey tasting. 

GB: When Charrisse got to the Whiskey tasting I was actually glad she was there because I was eager to hear what she had to say so we could MOVE ON. So her position of not wanting to discuss it was a little baffling to me. The last time I had seen her, she ran of the restaurant like someone was selling half price Louboutins on the corner. I know Charrisse is not afraid or shy about discussing anything and when she didn't I couldn't sit there with the big polka dot elephant in the room. I had to say something, and since she STILL didn't want to address the issue I decided to bring it up again the next time the Republicans decide to work with President Obama....yep NEVER. Now I'm feeling like we are in the bottom of the ninth, the game is tied and out of the dugout Charrisse Jackson Jordon steps up to the plate also know as the table. She slowly walks around and taps Gizelle on her shoulder. Not to slap her, curse her, or gauge her eyes out, but to give her an All-American APOLOGY HUG. Let the confetti cannons blow and balloons drop from the heavens....there is a GOD.

As I think of all the nonsense that has happened over the past couple of weeks it makes me realize that life is short, relationships even with girlfriends are complicated and all that really matters is that my kids give a horrible, however hilarious, impression of Beyonce and Ellen Degeneres.

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