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How Did The Real Housewives of Potomac Get Reunion Ready?

Find out who anchored in her ponytail, who practiced her one liners, and what the ladies ate for breakfast to get Reunion ready! Hint: a Snickers bar?!

What Did The Real Housewives of Potomac Eat For Breakfast on Reunion Day?

Preparing for a Real Housewife reunion can be daunting, especially when it's your first! From what we've heard from veteran 'Wives, reunions are often the most exhausting and difficult parts of the season, but we have a feeling that although The Real Housewives of Potomac are up to the challenge. We caught the 'Wives getting their hair and make up did the morning of the Reunion and bent their bejewled ears on how they prepped for what was (most likely) to be the longest day of their lives. From watching clips from past Housewives franchise reunions, getting their shade together, and buying push-up bras, the Potomac women were ready for battle. Get even more deets on their prep work below and tune in Sunday April 10 at 10/9c for the #RHOP Reunion Part 1! 

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1. Katie Rost: Secured her Ponytail

How She Prepped for the Reunion: "I prepped for the reunion by going to Victoria's Secret and getting a really nice push-up bra, which is really doing a lot for me right now, by getting a good night's rest, listening to Deepak Chopra, because that always helps me, and just, you know, staying calm, because I have a feeling that things are going to get emotional today and I want to be as peaceful and centered as possible. So, I'm feeling pretty good. And also, getting fabulous hair and makeup, I mean, I think it's gonna be lovely! I have watched a few clips from [previous Housewife reunion shows] so that's why we're clipping the ponytail, gotta keep that down. We got a lot of anchor in already. The anchor pin is in so, if anyone comes for my ponytail, they're not going to snatch it out. Other than that, just knowing that there are sometimes some fights and drama, I feel like these ladies are very well behaved and I don't anticipate any hair pulling. Maybe just some shaking of the hair, but not a pull."

What She Ate for Breakfast: "I woke up this morning and I had a snickers bar and then I had some water and then I had a piece of egg. And I'm full, I am totally full."

2. Robyn Dixon: Adopted a Zen Attitude


How She Prepped for the Reunion: "I haven't really wrapped my head around the reunion. It's exciting, but I don't know what to expect. I feel like there are so many different ways the reunion could go. I'm ready, but I don't know what to expect. I think I'm just going to try to enjoy it and make the most out of it. I've watched many of the past reunions. So, I've seen some where they do get a little tense and physical. I don't want to leave here with us hating each other, that's not what [the reunion] is for and I feel like I've seen it happen before."

What She Ate for Breakfast: I had three pieces of delicious bacon, a little eggs scrambled, it had a little spinach and feta cheese in it, and some oatmeal. I got my protein, I got my carbs, I got my energy source, and I am ready!"

3. Ashley Darby: Practiced Her Shade

How She Prepped for the Reunion: "It's so crazy because filming happened a while ago and now I'm looking at the show as a viewer. So, I'm in the moment. I have watched the whole show with the rest of America and that has really grinded my gears a little bit. There are definitely some things that I am not too happy about. Calling my husband "creepy" and "disgusting" is probably the one thing that I cannot wait to address at the reunion today. No one calls my man that. Especially when it's the pot calling the kettle black. I am a Bravo obsessed woman! Of course, I like to watch [the Housewives reunions], but I'm not good with the one liners. I need to get my shade down! That's the only thing I've been working on at home."

What She Ate for Breakfast: "I had a tangerine, because I don't eat a lot in the morning. So, I had a tangerine, but I'll have to have something else to give me some fuel. Yeah, no liquid breakfast, but I told y'all I was going to do that bourbon and get all my liquid calories."

4. Charrisse Jackson-Jordan: Had Irish Car Bombs

How She Prepped for the Reunion: "Well, to prep for the reunion today, was a process for me. I had to find the best people to get me ready. So, I have two amazing people right here with me - I need people with amazing personalities around me to keep me kind of up. So, that was the beginning phase. We've been in here just laughing and enjoying the moment. That was my primary prerequisite and getting ready. I've watched so many reunions I can't count. I'm not one to study what other people do. I'm a natural person and I'm a genuine person so, I feel that for us and what we're doing, should just be who we are. I'm not trying to be like Beverly Hills or Atlanta because they're different people. I'm ready!"

What She Ate for Breakfast (or didn't): "I had my alarm set and I had a 6:30 car. I'm part Irish and yesterday was St. Patrick's Day, so I had to be with my people and celebrate. I had a couple car bombs, so, when I got here, I knew I was going to need a backup call. So, I set my alarm for 5:45, because I need as much sleep as possible, I had another alarm set, and then the hotel was supposed to call me at 6am. It takes me more than thirty minutes to get ready, so, in the event that I am just so out of it, please call me at six. Well, I get a call at 6:30 saying that the driver's downstairs. I said, 'Oh my god!' I had to shower and I'm trying to get dressed and I said, 'Just leave me, just leave me, don't wait.' I finally get myself together, I finally get out the door, I bend down because I dropped my key, my pants ripped - like, all my stuff was hanging out. I had to go back into the room and just throw something else on. Fortunately, I had a backup! So, that was my breakfast, I didn't eat anything!"

5. Gizelle Bryant: Was Bronzed Up and Ready for Action

How She Prepped for the Reunion: "For the reunion, I knew that my dress showed a lot of skin. Showed some legs! So these legs had to be bronzed up. So, I took my Scott Barns and I bronzed this morning so that it could dry and I’m ready for action. Everyone loves a good reunion. I have watched probably all of Atlanta, I like Beverly Hills, I like to see Lisa Vanderpump get mad. Let’s see what other reunions I like, oh yeah Bethenny [Frankel] always has something to say out of her mouth that is absolutely hilarious so I like to see that!"

What She Ate for Breakfast: "For breakfast, I had a banana. I normally eat oatmeal, but, there wasn’t any here. So, didn’t have that. And I had a rice crispy treat, I had half of it. That was really, really good. I had a couple of bottles of water, I’m ready for action."

6. Karen Huger: Was Born Ready, Honey

How She Prepped for the Reunion: "Prepped? I was born ready." 

What She Ate for Breakfast: "I had eggs with feta cheese and spinach. They were good! Feta is my guilty pleasure!"

How the #RHOP Ladies Are Feeling Before the Reunion...
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