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Charrisse: Don't Get It Twisted, I Haven't Forgotten

Charrisse Jackson Jordan is making nice with Gizelle Bryant, for now. 

By Charrisse Jackson-Jordan
Baby Girl, You Better Watch What You Say Why a champagne room?

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Charrisse Jackson JordanYears ago, my therapist asked me what do I do exclusively for myself that makes me happy and challenged me to find it. Doing a champagne room is something that I did for myself and champagne does make me happy (lol). It's my little private haven that I can enjoy alone or with a few others. The room was custom designed from top to bottom. Every time I walk in my heart smiles. Were you nervous going into the Preakness knowing Gizelle would be there? What do you think of her saying she apologizes because the rumors don’t reflect well on her?

CJJ: Gizelle could never make me nervous. Would I prefer her absence? Absolutely! But in all candor, if anything she should be nervous in seeing me because who knows who is going to show up and we already know she isn't fond of that side of me that holds court in alleys.I know she knows what she did was totally inappropriate and deserving of a shutdown. Fortunately for her, I don’t see her worth the effort. In terms of her fake apology that was only done because it didn’t reflect well on her, she can keep it. In terms of her fake apology that was only done because it didn't reflect well on her, she can keep it. I don't think she will ever be sorry for what she did because she's heartless. I go back and forth from being mad at her to feeling sorry for her because I view her a pathetic woman who will do anything to make herself feel good at the expense of others.

Gizelle Bryant Says I'm Sorry to Charrisse What were you thinking when Gizelle asked you if she was still on probation? 

CJJ: As much as I want this woman out of my life, I have to think about our friends who are a part of both of our lives. When she asked if she was still on probation, my anger wanted to lock her up and throw away the key. But, I don't want to have to have this continuous void when we both are present. It's in the best interest of everyone to just move on. But don't get it twisted, I haven't forgotten and it will take a long time before I would ever consider her a true friend. In the event that she tries to pull another stunt like the one she pulled, the outcome will not be favorable. What do you think about Ashley saying you and the other ladies are “miserable and single"? 

CJJ: Who really pays attention to the opinion of a meddling little girl? I mean really? Has her brain fully developed yet? We are all miserable and lonely and her life is just filled with amazement, I guess. She's probably the most miserable of us all and I base that on her need to be the self-appointed expert on relationships. She has nothing good to say about anyone's relationship. And quick to point at and look for negativity when it comes to others. That within itself is a sign of someone who is very unhappy. Tell us about the demolition - why did you wanna get some aggression out?

CJJ: They say a good way to get out frustrating is by breaking things. I have so much pinned up frustration between my marriage and my ex-friend who went on a national campaign to tarnish my image, that I think I can take advantage of the demolition to get a release of my anger. Did it work? Temporarily. I guess I need to demo my whole house in order to fully release this knot of negativity ;p.

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