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Karen Huger: Miss Gizelle Absconded With the Loot

Karen dishes on what really happened to that $3,000 and why Gizelle Byrant should be thanking her. 

By Karen Huger
#RHOP Ladies Win $3,000 at the Races What do you think about Gizelle Bryant being so mad that Robyn Dixon was talking to you specifically?
Karen HugerIt’s beyond absurd to me that Gizelle would be feeling a particular way about Robyn choosing to speak to me about their troubled friendship. She came to the right person! Robyn came to the Grande Dame to vent. Who else? The writing was on the wall – these two needed to talk one on one NOW NOT LATER. Gizelle needs to seize this opportunity, save her friendship and thank me later.

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It's Not Like Robyn Talked About Gizelle on National Television Tell us about your daughter visiting from college! Is a cheesesteak not a normal Potomac food? 

KH: I’m very happy Rayvin is home from college visiting. It’s wonderful to see her growing and embracing the next chapter in her life. I especially enjoyed her story about the disgusting cheesesteak she had to consume. While cheesesteaks are quite common in Potomac, I am sure the one she had is in a starving college student’s food league ALL by it’s lonesome. I prefer my daughter to eat organic foods. Tell us about that day at the races - did Gizelle share the money?

KH: Robyn knocked this get together out of the park! It was exactly what we all needed. The ladies were having a good time. EvenCharrisse Jackson Jordan found a warm fuzzy spot in her heart and let Gizelle off probation. It was a beautiful day for the race and the cocktails were flowing. Quite possibly cocktails were flowing a little too much as Miss Gizelle absconded with the loot. I haven’t seen a dime of the winnings. Can we all say W-R-O-N-G? What do you think about Ashley Darby’s marriage struggles – as someone happily married, any advice for her?

KH: I know that Ashley and I have had our differences but I do consider her a friend. It’s never a good thing to hear a friend’s marriage is in trouble. Marriage isn’t easy, its work. I’ve been married quite some time and if there were any words of wisdom I could give Ashley it would be to figure out what’s really more important, the business or their marriage. If the marriage is the priority, then fight for your marriage. As two women married to businessmen we are well aware that business opportunities come and go, that’s the nature of the beast. Don’t’ let anyone or anything destroy the love that brought the two of you together. Marriage albeit not perfect is a rare gift, not everyone receives it and few can hold on to it.

Monique Samuels' Mother-In-Law Could Be a Real Housewife What do you think about Monique Samuels’s clash with her mother-in-law – did she handle it well? What would you do in that situation? 

KH: Wow this is a first for me. I can’t speak to how I would have handled Monique’s situation because my relationship with my mother-in-law was totally different. Mrs. Odessa was the greatest champion for our marriage. Having said that, no family is perfect and there will be disagreements from time to time. Monique knows where she stands in her marriage. Chris has made it clear he loves her and she comes first. Mrs. Samuels is Chris’s Mom and you only get one Mom. It’s very smart of Monique to allow Mrs. Samuels to have her say today. I’m with Monique on this one – More Wine Please!!!!!

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