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Karen: I Am No One's "Bum Bitch!"

Karen Huger explains her understanding with Charrisse Jackson Jordan prior to going to Bermuda, and how that understanding was breached. 

By Karen Huger
Karen Huger's Off-Camera Shade of Charrisse Jackson Jordan Tell us about the welcome baskets and the ladies confronting you about them at dinner.
Karen Huger: I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. What in the world? These ladies have bumped their heads. The girls were being bamboozled by Charrisse Jackson Jordan. She again was making it about her and not about the needs of the girls. They seemed to think that I was leaving her out. Clearly, Charrisse and I had an understanding before we even left Potomac. In her own words: ”I'll be damned if I am anybody’s assistant!” And in my words...“Then you're fired!!” I watched these ladies bicker all summer and we just needed to let our hair down. To appease Charrisse, we agreed on an event for her to host, which was the boat trip, so she could have some contribution to the effort. That’s all she wanted to be involved in and we agreed on that, not sure why there was so much contrived confusion…perhaps because she left all that out when speaking to the other ladies, and I didn’t think it was my place to tell them her choices.

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Now back to those lovely baskets. The ladies rendering a gracious “thank you” would have been nice. Instead, there was "Trick Trash" language uttered from the lips of Charrisse. I just had to collect myself and not take it personally. After all, it was not about us individually; it was about the needs of the group. Tell us about your decision to only tell certain ‘Wives about the sailing excursion. As the host, how did you feel about leaving half the ladies behind?
KH: I had limited tickets and decided to use the opportunity to get Monique Samuels and Gizelle Bryant out on the water to guide them in the direction of resolving their issues. Truly they had gotten off to a bad start and it was at my high tea where they had their first encounter. I simply wanted them to get the chance for a “do over.” I called Charrisse and informed her before we left but instead of sharing the situation with both the other ladies, she took to calling me a “Bum Bi**ch.” Oh well, that won't define me either.

MPX Video: Welcome to the Bermuda Triangle (10885912) What did you think of Charrisse’s hotel suite? Do you feel your Grand Dame title is threatened?
KH: Charrisse’s room was everything. She was celebrating her birthday and “failed” wedding anniversary. If it were me, I would have saved that money for when I had a fireman - I mean “fine” man - to enjoy it with; but if it made her feel good, then bravo to her. If I had decided to upgrade my room without upgrading the girls, they would have lost their wigs! As to my title as Grand Dame, that is about my confidence. I would be the Grand Dame in a hut!! If she thought upgrading her room was going to threaten me and who I am, then she is sadly mistaken. Why did you take it upon yourself to help mend Gizelle and Monique’s relationship? How do you think it went?
KH: Earlier, I tried to get Monique and Gizelle on the same page at Summer House over lunch. It was hijacked by some tears (from you-know-who) that had nothing to do with the bickering parties. After the girls got over the shock of who I picked to accompany me sailing, things went very well. Once Monique and Gizelle were on that water and had to focus on the challenges that sailing presented, they couldn't focus on their petty issues. Gizelle offered Monique advice and was truly in her corner to conquer the challenge. Sure she said she wanted Monique to be okay so she wouldn't have to explain it to “Big Ole Alabama” but I can tell that Gizelle was truly pulling for Monique to nail the sailing challenge. She knew Monique was really rattled by the excursion and needed her support. I could not have been more thrilled to see them finally working on the same team. At the end of the day, we all need to empower one another Tell us about the confrontation with and your comments after about Charrisse. Were you surprised she came to you that way?
KH: Robyn was set-up from the jump by Charrisse. I will take responsibility for only telling Charrisse earlier and not telling Robyn and Ashley myself. Robyn was right when she said I should have sent them a text. I should not have let Charrisse report the situation to the girls. Note to Charrisse... I am no one's “Bum Bitch!” =What is that anyway? I was a little heated at first since I knew that I had gone out of my way to communicate the situation to Charrisse before even heading out with the feuding pair. I am not phased by it though, everyone had a great time once they got over themselves. The most important thing was that Gizelle and Monique got on the same page and everyone got time to relax and let go of their daily tensions. I am not mad with Robyn or Charrisse. I can say that I don't quite understand Charrisse’s motives, but I am cool despite my temporary off-handed and very private comments. All in all, I feel completely good about the trip. Everyone came back happier than when they left. Mission accomplished!

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