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Charrisse: Candiace STILL Owes Me an Apology

"It was all fun and games, and I think Candiace understood that until Messy Monique and Arousing Ashley decided to egg her on."

By Charrisse Jackson-Jordan
It Was a Shady Bitch Moment on #RHOP What did you mean by the “did your mom pay for the ring” question once and for all?
Charrisse Jackson Jordan: When I askedCandiace Dillard if her mom paid for her ring, I meant it in jest. It’s bizarre she would read it any other way! She’s was the one who acknowledged that her mother supports her at 30 years of age, and we were just talking about how Gizelle Bryant inquired about how her mother helps her out. I had a WWGD moment (What Would Gizelle Do =-)). It was all fun and games, and I think Candiace understood that until Messy Monique Samuels and Arousing Ashley Darby decided to egg her on.

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Watch The Real Housewives of Potomac on Peacock and the Bravo app Did you have any idea how upset Candiace was – do you think she should be?
CJJ: I had no idea how upset Candiace was. I guess she has some sort of delayed reaction disorder because she didn’t realize she was supposed to be mad until her puppet master Monique pulled on her strings days later. Her uproarious behavior was totally uncalled for and juvenile. But again, I understand how schoolgirls chatter. Looking back on the episode it was evident she was provoked and felt like she had to had to prove to the Down-low Dirty Duo that she had a backbone. Tell us about that clash on the bus with Candiace.
CJJ: There’s nothing to tell really. I was shocked by Candiace’s outrageous and unwarranted remarks. I meant her no ill will, and she wanted to go to the gutter with me, but luckily (for everyone involved), she didn’t catch these hands. I must say… I’ve grown up! Did you think she owed you an apology?
CJJ: She STILL owes me an apology. She took what I said out of context and made a big howdy do out of nothing - a mountain out of a molehill. She felt she needed to stand up to me, but it was nothing more than pointless puffing. After all, she came into MY circle of friends. She tried it and failed. It takes more than petty insults and jabs to ruffle my feathers. Tell us about this lunch — did you expect Gizelle to stick up for you considering your past issues? What do you think about it now?
CJJ: I was a bit surprised by Gizelle’s reaction to Candiace, but I certainly appreciated her support! Gizelle and I have been friends for years and while we often go back and forth over trivial matters, I know at the end of the day she will have my back and I will always certainly have hers! The Core Four (Gizelle, Robyn, Karen, and Charrisse) are like a family. We can fight with each other… but those outside of the core, Beware!

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