Gizelle Bryant: The Pancakes Were Good, Monique's Apology Was NOT

Gizelle Bryant: The Pancakes Were Good, Monique's Apology Was NOT

"She needs a big gold trophy for being self-absorbed and conceited."

Cannes the RHOP Ladies Get Along?
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Gizelle Bryant: The pancakes were good but Monique’s apology was NOT. I don’t know ANYONE who has an excuse for EVERYTHING. Who walks around unable to admit that they are guilty about their own horrible behavior. For the 100th time, Monique brought my boyfriend’s (because at the time she didn’t know that Sherman and I broke up) ex-wife around to try to hurt me and my relationship. She refuses to admit it which leads me to believe she needs a big gold trophy for being self-absorbed and conceited. Talk a bit about this moment in which Candiace Dillard confronted you, Robyn Dixon, and Ashley Darby at the winery.
GB: Candiace! GIRL!!! Timing is not your friend and I swear the next time see you I will introduce you to her. She is always dressed to the nines and smells pretty and she jumps out from nowhere when you start talking at the wrong time to shut you up. Her name is called Lady Wisdom. If Candiace had better timing, less hand movements and more bass in her voice she would be unstoppable. How did it feel being in the car while Ashley and Karen Huger had their feud? 
GB: Now Ashley and Karen know how to have an argument. They don’t talk over each other they listen, think and then speak. They use huge college words (well, just Ashley) to proceed to smack each other upside the head. If I was a nicer, kinder woman I would have tried to get them to stop but well, ummmm, I enjoyed EVERY minute of it. It went on for a LONG time and it was EPIC. Lord knows I laughed for a good two days. It wasn’t that I was laughing at the fact that it was such a monumental verbal battle, I was just laughing at the fact that I was witnessing a monumental verbal battle. HA! Do you agree with what Candiace said about Ashley and Robyn being different around her depending on if you are around or not?
GB: I think Candiace wanting to blame the fact that two people are ignoring the crap out of her on me is cute, if I were her I might do the same thing. However, Candiace needs to be clear of the raw and dirty facts, Robyn and Ashley were mean to her all by themselves because Candiace actually annoys the crap out of them. I do a lot of things but influencing Robyn and Ashley to be MORE annoyed by her voice, nope Candiace you’re on your own honey. How did you feel being able to clear things finally in the air with Charrisse? Do you believe that you were finally good and able to move on? 
GB: Look, Charrisse and I have a long history and nothing can change that. I totally love her and for whatever reason, I really don’t mind her taking shots at me. The difference with her and some of the other ladies is that Charrisse will own her mess and address the situation head-on instead of hiding behind lies and loud talking. Charrisse is a great person and we will always be good. 

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