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170 Sq Ft "Rustic Bike House"

S3/EP6 |
Aired: 06/25/2019
Sarah and Tabatha love their life on the farm and want to simplify even more by going tiny. They've asked John and Zack to come help build them a rustic tiny house that can withstand all the dirt and grit of the farm life. 43:24

230 Sq Ft "Smart House"

S3/EP5 |
Aired: 06/18/2019
Kyle and Jennifer are about as tech savy as it gets. They love the contemporary look and have asked John and Zack to build them a tiny house that's completely modern and tricked out with smart gadgets. 43:24

200 Sq Ft "Pop-Up Shop"

S3/EP4 |
Aired: 06/11/2019
Greg and Frances may be young but they've got big plans for the future and it all starts with going tiny. These two clothing designers want Zack and John to build them a tiny house that doubles as their pop-up shop on wheels. 43:24

315 Sq Ft Aviation House

S3/EP3 |
Aired: 06/03/2019
Dusty and Ashley have been traveling the world the past couple of years and are looking to finally lay down some roots and go tiny. 43:24

276 Sq Ft Basketball House

S2/EP2 |
Aired: 05/28/2019
Professional basketball player, Matt Bonner, is use to traveling all around the country for most of the year. Matt has asked Zack and John to make him the constant house he and his family can enjoy no matter what city they're in. 1:04:58