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325 Sq Ft Expandable Tiny Cottage

S3/EP26 |
Aired: November 11, 2019
Jay and Jodi built their dream house but soon realized they were spending all their time working to maintain it.Their biggest concern is going to be creating a space that is still comfortable for the whole family. 43:24

460 Sq Ft Long Journey To Tiny

S3/EP25 |
Aired: November 5, 2019
Brock and Nicole may have hit a couple bumps on their road to going tiny, but they're finally ready to make the move! 43:24

240 Sq Ft Tiny Ski Lodge

S3/EP24 |
Aired: October 28, 2019
Chris and Tamara absolutely love skiing and snowboarding and are hoping for a modern ski lodge that will let them hit the mountains right from their front door. 43:24

200 Sq Ft Family-Friendly House

S3/EP23 |
Aired: October 22, 2019
Adam and Gabrielle want a tiny house that they can raise their growing family in. They're hoping for a space that's not kid-proofed, but instead kid-purposed. 43:24

310 Sq Ft Pennys Tiny Playhouse

S3/EP22 |
Aired: October 15, 2019
Tim and Amber are looking to build a tiny house completely designed to allow their daughter Penny's imagination to run wild. 43:24

380 Sq Ft Derby House

S3/EP21 |
Aired: October 7, 2019
Scott and Marianne both grew up in horse racing towns and have a deep appreciation for the culture that comes with the sport. 43:24