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600 Sq Ft Power-Couple's Retreat

S4/EP8 |
Aired: January 14, 2020
All-Star Athlete and Hall-of-Famer, Deion Sanders and Executive Producer and Host, Tracey Edmonds are the epitome of a power-couple. John and Zack have to come up with a serious game plan if they're going to score a touchdown on this tiny build! 1:04:58

325 Sq Ft Texan's Take Tiny House

S4/EP7 |
Aired: January 7, 2020
After spending a couple years in Hawaii, Mark and Nicole have made their way back to their home state of Texas and are looking forward to being closer to family, and taking the leap into tiny living. 43:23

330 Sq Ft Ever Growing Tiny House

S4/EP6 |
Aired: January 2, 2020
Ashleigh and Cody are a young eclectic couple with two very different design styles excited to build their first home together that can hopefully mesh his love for modern, clean lines with her funky bohemian style. 43:23

398 Sq Ft Stargazers Tiny Dome

S4/EP5 |
Aired: December 18, 2019
Sam and Ken have asked John and Zack to come build them a home that's out of this world, but will their requests to shoot for the moon fall flat, or will John and Zack figure out a way to grab at the stars on this one-of-a-kind build? 43:24

Tiny Kitchen, Big Taste

S4/EP4 |
Aired: December 18, 2019
It's a special Thanksgiving episode of Tiny House Nation! While John and Zack are cooking up a storm, they're also counting down some of the most incredible, not-so-tiny kitchens they've ever built. 41:29