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California Girl

Yigit Pura gives major props to Megan.

In this episode the chefs go for a “day off” at the movies, and my heart is already pounding for them, as there is never such a thing as “day off” on Top Chef, but then I think, hey, they are at least getting to rest their nerves for a few hours. But I recall that’s even worse because my mind would be constantly trying to conjure up what’s to come up next.

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Willy Wonka is a brilliant translation of a pastry chefs' addiction to sugar, chocolate, and how it can translate into wonders. It really is an exploration of the possibilities of desserts from a child’s perspective. And really creative desserts are like “controlled child’s play” This is AWESOME!

And what? No Quickfire. Holy moly. This is going to be bad!

The chefs have to literally build the Wonka playland out of edible ornaments as well as desserts. A land of sugar and candy you can walk through. Katy Perry, eat your heart out!

The chefs choose to work in two separate teams, and as we’ve seen some people don’t like to work in teams, so again I feel some tension and drama coming on. By this point you can already see who is willing to take a challenge and be inspired and just make the best of it, and others who are again easily irritated and grumpy!

The space for the Wonka land is big. There is a lot of space to cover. I’m thinking that along with the structures, they are going to need a lot of desserts, and filler items, so it doesn’t seem empty. The creative team has a lot of work to get done. I would love to know how many kilos of chocolate these guys actually used in this challenge. I think it’s probably enough to sustain a small country for a year!

In seeing what the production team is producing, I’m hoping they are going to be able to find a balance between creative and flavor. It has to taste good and functional, as well as something that will be a clever decorative touch. In the end, flavor counts most!

When Johnny says two people are going home, I can automatically people pulling into themselves, and doing what they need to do to survive. It's one team, so it’s going to be difficult for them to really set themselves apart. Or I suppose if someone screws up drastically, that could be the kicker.

I’m loving Megan this episode. Trooper and a team player, and she is not bitching nor complaining. Girl is just jumping in where there is work to be done. I really admire this in a chef. However, this is a competition, and I’m afraid that she’s not focusing enough on herself.

Melissa’s green doughnuts remind me of St. Patricks Day, and let’s be honest, it’s going to be hard to top Zac from Season 1 in anything that is a doughnut. Matthew I think had a clever approach to his dessert by taking a simple cream puff and using it three different ways. It’s time-effective when you are in a crunch. It’s almost like a bite-sized St. Honore, which is one of my favorite flavors!

Then WHAT?!? Katzie’s carrot patch is just f---ing brilliant. Absolutely brilliant!  

Judges' Table. Craig, why are you laughing? Head down and see what they have to say. You don’t want to upset the powers at be.

Melissa is again talking about how the creative team didn’t do what they were supposed to. Judges don’t care what didn’t happen -- it’s all about what you did.

Sally… no! I’ll be heartbroken if she goes home. Visually it may not be “whimsical,” but I can’t imagine a financier and mousse tasting too bad. I mean, it’s not a green doughnut.And Megan? Oy vey? No… But thankfully Carlos steps up for her. I always love a nice guy.

Katzie wins, but I’m really not able to concentrate on anything she’s saying in her interview because all I see are Jackie O. pearls and a first lady jacket she’s wearing. Girl takes her winning seriously!

Then Melissa and Craig go home. Whew… Sally and Megan stay. Best of luck to the two eliminated, and let’s see what the other two learn from this experience.

Overall this was a big challenge, and I’m wondering if the chefs at this point are starting to feel the fire under their asses! People are dropping left and right like honey bees. My guess is it’s not going to get really stick! 


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