This Beer Is Brewed Specifically to Taste Great at 35,000 Feet

This Beer Is Brewed Specifically to Taste Great at 35,000 Feet


By Alesandra Dubin

If you're a frequent traveler, you may already know why your food and drinks may not taste quite right when you're at cruising altitude: Flying dulls your sense of taste by up to 30 percent.

Well, Cathay Pacific has come up with a new way to help you get your calming mid-flight buzz in the most pleasing way possible: The airline has created what it's billing as the world’s first beer brewed specially for 35,000 feet.

To get a beer that tastes best in an aircraft environment, creators started with a base brew that worked along with the science of a cabin.

So that means it uses a wheat base to combat bitterness. It also has increased the carbonation level by 10 percent over what would taste best at sea level, for added mouthfeel. As well, it has a complex texture to stimulate the tongue's flavor receptors, and is unfiltered to retain vitamin B, which is known to have restorative properties.

Betsy Beer is available in both first and business class on routes from Hong Kong to the U.K. beginning this month, and while supplies last. You can also find it on the ground in lounges at Hong Kong and Heathrow airports, as well as a few select hotels — but again, the air is the best place to gulp the beer to see for yourself whether the niche benefits it claims pass your personal quality-control test.

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