S1 - E9

Napa's Finest

Only three potential Top Chefs remain, and this episode's quickfire challenge will test their ability to get creative with junk food to make a tasty dish that could still be served to conscientious diners. On the other end of the spectrum, the next challenge gives the chefs a shaving of white truffle, a rare fungus that retails for two thousand dollars a pound. They must use this tiny, but revered fragment of fungus to create something delicious for some of Napa Valley's most respected chefs. Featured Napa valley chefs include: Phillippe Jeanty of Bistro Jeanty; Keith Luce of Press; Greg Cole of Celadon; James Devitt of Budo; Cindy Pawlcyn of Mustards Grill; Victor J. Scargle of Julia's Kitchen at COPIA; Doug Keane of Cyrus; Todd Humphries of Martini House; and John Ash of John Ash and Co.

Aired: 05/03/2006
TV-14 |