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No Hocus Pocus!

Brian Malarkey shows you how to balance the angel and devil inside your stomach.

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Here at Get Fresh we have been trying to figure out how to live a better, healthier lifestyle while not losing the quality of life. Translation: I'm a chef that loves to eat butter, bacon, chocolate and well-marbled cuts of beef. I like great beers. Heck, I even like some average beers, same for wine and spirits. I love the experience of dining and I like to say "I go for it" when the time is right, but, and this could be a big but, If we "went for it" all the time we would bury ourselves in our own overindulgence.

From this episode, we learned to take a look at our good and bad, our heaven and hell, and most importantly our right and wrong. Even though we are not dietitians we know for the most part what is good for us, and what is bad. Cooking is about balancing the flavors, textures, and
seasonings, and eating is about balancing the good, the bad, and the ugly.

In order to be ready to enjoy a multi-coursed tasting menu at a fancy big city eatery or a deep fried Snickers at the county fair and both are a must, you have to "Get Fresh" the rest of the time and no your limits. We have talked about the importance of water in your diet and how it
keeps you clean on the inside and the out, we have talked of balancing carbs with vegetable and proteins and we know that we can and should all eat a little less meat.  As much as we wish there was a magic pill that makes us look and feel great, the reality is unless you've got some extra cash laying around for your gastrointestinal stapling, then you have to spend a lot more time in heaven with the good foods and save the devilish days for those rare occasions.

It takes some exercise and a balance diet to feel and look your best and when you are in control of your life, it's fun to dance with the devil occasionally and have some rich and heavenly treats.

With these classes, I am showing you how to still have great fresh food prepared simply and easily so that you to can be a Top Chef of your own kitchen, so have some fun, eat and live healthy, and I will see you at the county fair where we shall eat without guilt!

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